Friday, 31 August 2012

Dehradun - Forest Research Institute

Thanks to my friend and her aunt, I got to explore a beautiful place like FRI in Dehradun. Although I have spent a portion of my childhood in the city, I had never visited FRI as a kid. But when I did, I lapped it up happily like a child!

Enjoy the pictures!

Forest Research Institute
Buildings have an ancient charm that remains unperturbed
People out there can't get enough of it...they keep coming back!
It's a huge open place, well-maintained and clean
It's therapeutic to take a walk here
Smooth velvety green grass soothes your eyes
A perfect place to soak in freshness


  1. Quiet an amazing captures of the place !!!! Thanks for expressing for green Doon :)

  2. Doon will always remain very close to my heart.


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