Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Jim Corbett National Park - On Safari

Jim Corbett is named after Edward James Jim Corbett, who was a British hunter. He was also a conservationist, author and naturalist renowned for hunting numerous man-eaters in India. The park, situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, is the oldest national park in India.

Scorching heat of May seems to take a backseat - people are all set for an exciting wild life discovery
A particular portion of the park formerly belonged to Tehri Garhwal. The Raja of Tehri surrendered a part of his royal state to the East India Company in exchange of their aid in expeling the Gurkhas from his territory.

The thrill has just begun... waiting for a tiger to cross our path...
There are various species of plants found in the park. Trees are denser inside the reserve,which is the Sal forest while lowest in the Anogeissus-Acacia catechu forests.

Lush green vicinity... fresh sky....and our wild hosts...
Bengal tigers are rarely spotted due to the density of the reserve. They are known to kill much larger animals like buffalo and even elephant in case of food shortage.

They are shy and they don't like, better stay at bay and enjoy from a distance.
Deers are easily spotted...pose comfortably and for a moment....they never know when they could be a tiger's delight.

Who says romance needs a perfect setting...all it needs is a happy twosome...
Vast open landscape - Take your eyes as far as you can... seep in as much as you can...
A Tiger's footprint
Although our guides kept our heartbeats pulsating, all we could manage was traces of a tiger's trail. Lots of sun tan, headache and hunger pangs...despite all of that it was a great experience and it set a determined inquisitiveness to make a second visit.

Jeep Safari is the easiest way to travel within Corbett national park, which can be rented for the park exursions from Ramnagar.

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PS. Facts source wikipedia


  1. Jim corbett wildlife sanctuary, is a true adventure holiday destination.
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  2. yes it is. I am looking forward to visiting it again.

  3. I am yet to visit this park. Have seen so many pics & read so many stories which make me wonder what am I waiting for!

    The photos have come out well.
    BTW, I heard you got to be lucky to spot these animals there. Is it true?

    1. Thanks Nisha :) You got be lucky to spot a tiger! To our tough luck, we could only manage to see his footprints :(


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