Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mumbai...Mistress Of Spices

Whenever I have been to Mumbai, it has charmed me like a lover. Letting my hair down comes easily to me in this city of dreams - I am especially amazed at the locals who seem absolutely unfazed and carefree ... peeping out of my taxi window I see people eating baraf ka gola, splashing water at each other or simply sitting and gazing....the city has something that makes every ordinary moment so pulsating - so full of life!

The Taj
A regular stall at Juhu Beach
People sauntering at the beach, hardly bothered about heat...
Evening buzz at the beach
The rush hour, the big hoardings, the Bollywood mania, the beaches, the colours, the bustle, the madness... it's hard to recover from its magic.


  1. Mumbai is a city of has a captivating charm even if its filled with people..the best part is Mumbai welcomes you in your true self..u don't have to pretend, perceive anything, it will take you, engulf you naturally...Its busy noisy yet simple, safe and refreshing :)

    1. You have understood Mumbai the way I have...I am glad.

  2. I visited Mumbai when I was in school n it was definitely a charming city n now after seeing it from ur eyes I really want to visit it once again...

    1. You must...especially its night life.

  3. awesome place ... awesome people... Mumbai
    Lovely pics !!!


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