Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Glimpses of Melbourne

It’s a mellow Victorian city, always keen to mesmerize you! Whether it’s a modest carriage ride or a sip at a café, laneway lounges or shopping, savoring culture or sauntering on the streets – you simply can’t get enough of it.

Autumn days of Melbourne

Melbourne is known to have the biggest tram network in the world. When you are here, you can’t resist traveling on a tram. It’s an experience which swiftly connects you to the real Melbourne. Being the second most populous city in Australia, it bustles with energy, however, it still has the essence of a colorful old world, which is subtly manifested in the air.

Playing chess in the morning is a local tradition (I guess), because the chess pieces disappear towards the afternoon.

Walk down the Swanston Street with élan and let the city enchant you with every nook and corner. It’s one of the main streets of central Melbourne, which crosses the Princes Bridge over the Yarra River.

Streets & Tram tracks of the city

The street passes several eminent Melbourne landmarks, including the Capitol Theatre, St Paul's Cathedral, Manchester Unity Building, Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, the Melbourne Town Hall, the City Square, the State Library of Victoria, the Melbourne Central and QV Village shopping centres, and Curtin House. (Information source: Wikipedia)

St Paul Cathedral Church
St Paul's Cathedral interiors
Flinders Street Railway Station
Florist Shop on the Collins Street

A glittery evening awaits you at the pub Young & Jackson and the Hi-Fi Bar, which is a major live music venue. Bookworms can find a haven at the University of Melbourne and RMIT University, which are also located on Swanston Street.

Cappuccino and Apricot Danish 
A carriage ride is one of the cherished ways of savoring the city
Collins street

So much to marvel at, so much to dwell on... Melbourne is a world of its own, and its magic resonates in your heart long after you have left it.

Have you been to Melbourne? Would you like to?


  1. Amazing shots of Melbourne. I really like the city too.

  2. well written and the pictures are amazing..

  3. Thank you for taking us on this wonderful armchair tour! We're planning Melbourne next year, and you've really gotten us in the mood!

    1. That's great! Melbourne is going to enthrall you!

  4. Colorful city bustling with cheerfulness :) It will be so beautiful to experience i am sure of it now... Well done!!

    1. Thanks Anjum :) Yeah, it's a colorful and vibrant city!

  5. You can't go wrong in Melbourne! It's my home city and I'm heading home in 10 days! yayyyyy!

    1. Wow! Lucky you! Melbourne is one city where I long to go again and again!


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