Sunday, 30 September 2012

Monsoon Palace - For Stunning Views

Why would you miss a view like this?

Come here to have a bird’s eye-view of the beautiful Udaipur city. It’s a place with lots of surprises! If you are looking for nice surrounding views, or simply curious to dig into history – your hunt ends here. It’s a palace built in the 18th century atop a hill.

To be honest, I visited it without any hype or expectation. It was not on my itinerary in the first place, however, thanks to my cabby, who insisted on looking into it. Thankfully I agreed, otherwise I would have missed out on a spectacular experience. 

The Aravallis

You have to buy a ticket at the entrance, which allows you to get to the hilltop, where the palace is situated. There are government-run cabs that drive you off to the palace as well as drop you back at the entrance. 

The palace is surrounded by Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary, which is well maintained and safe. The area was a royal shooting preserve for the erstwhile rulers.

The moment I arrived at the palace, I was escorted by a guide, who educated me about the palace’s history. He told me that it was known to be the Monsoon Palace because of a provision for rain water conservation inside the palace. It was nice to learn all that, until I came to know that he was a paid guide! Although I was taken aback by the fact that he tried to trap me, I was relieved that he didn't bother me any further. I must say the people of Udaipur are extremely polite and warm. The guy did not charge me any money when he realized that I was not aware of his service. However, it's better not entertaining any travel guide unless you really need one.

Make sure you visit this spot if you are in Udaipur. For now, enjoy the pictures -

Way to the Monsoon Palace
Monsoon Palace Entrance 
After you buy a ticket, you are taken to the fort by a cab
Fort area at the hilltop
Sajjan Garh Fort also know as Monsoon Palace
View from the Palace
Wherever you stand inside the fort, you get views like this.
Landscape view of the Aravallis
View from the window

        It’s a place not to be missed. Keep generous time to spend here and get besotted!


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