Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nagda – Rajasthan’s Rural Gem

Beautiful village of Nagda

Nagda is a beautiful small village, situated 24 km away from Udaipur. It’s a place that silently brags about Rajasthan’s ethnic legacy and Aravallis' enchanting beauty. I must confess that I always pictured Rajasthan as a dry land with just forts and deserts to its credit. I thought there would be nothing ‘green’ to soothe my eyes. But I was wrong!

Although I knew Udaipur was known to be the city of lakes, it was Nagda that unveiled something that I had not expected at all – calm and quiet treasures of nature without a speck of dust!  

Saas Bahu temple complex

I had actually set out to visit the more popular Eklingji Temple; however, to my bad luck, it was locked for some reason. But my disappointment turned into a pleasant surprise. My cabby-cum-guide was sweet enough to show me another interesting temple - a 10th century, Saas Bahu Temple. The two main temples in the complex are located very close to each other; therefore, the name Saas Bahu came into being.

The temple is in its ruined state, which is what makes it more interesting. It is situated in the midst of stark natural vicinity. I found the place especially delightful because of my love for nature and old architecture – the place turned out to be a lethal combination of both. 

Saas Bahu Temple
Intricate designs of ancient times

Rustic life

I was surprised to discover so much of untouched beauty around Udaipur. It felt great to witness the rustic life around me – children taking bath in the pond, shepherds minding their flock, rural men and women engaged in their daily chores. It was all so fascinating for me!

The moment I spotted this man with a turban, I knew I had to persuade him to pose for a photograph. He agreed without any apprehension, except for a short trip to lavatory. After freshening up, he was all set for a photo shoot with me. The atmosphere, the setting and the air – all of it was so unlike a city. Well, of course. But it was a new experience for me, and quite a thrilling one!

Untouched natural beauty

So, if you are visiting Udaipur, make it a point to explore all the surrounding villages, too.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Anjum :) Nagda was too good a place to click bad pictures!

  2. Yes the pictures are great.. its a beautiful place..

    1. Thanks Jyotsna :) Yes, Nagda is a great place!

  3. It is untouched that's why it is beautiful otherwise it would have been spoiled by the tourists....

  4. Beautiful place wud love to go there

  5. I could visit the Eklinga temple but not this one. Glad to see it here and I know how much I missed!

  6. The mention of saas bahu temple got me here. :-) There are so many hidden gems in our own country that a lifetime looks short.

    Lovely pictures to support your article.
    Keep traveling.

    1. Thanks Nisha :) Yeah, that's true - India is full of hidden treasures. Rajasthan, in particular, is so charming!


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