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The Nilgiris – Coonoor

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Tea Garden

A modest town, 17 km away from Ooty, awaits you to mesmerize with its famous tea gardens and lush green trails.  All you need is loads of time and zest to explore and savor because nature is never at rest here. Coonoor is a little hill station with big-hearted joys. If you are looking for a complete escape from your hectic city life, there is no place calmer than this. Well, of course, there are various hill stations with immense natural beauty. But Coonoor is rejuvenation personified.
Beautiful green trails
Coonoor has so many things to offer, that even if you are a lazy bone, it would keep you on your toes all the time. Walking through the blossoming hedges of tea plantations or trekking through the forests, everything ignites the traveler in you!
Fresh tea brewing
Tea lovers can’t afford to miss out on the step-by-step process of tea making. Nothing can be better than this – witnessing the tea-processing method and having a fresh, steaming cup of tea right there in the midst of lush tea-plantations!   
Although the freshness of tea-brewing would fizzle out the moment you leave Coonoor, the lingering aroma of precious experiences shared would stay with you long after you are off to your own place.

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