Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Nilgiris - Ooty

When I was about to land in Coimbatore, I was already amazed to see the deep domineering Nilgiris. Being from the northern part of India, I had never expected Tamil Nadu to be so full of lush verdant natural beauty – it just left me awestruck! I couldn’t help marveling at the beautiful hills and valleys, meadows, lakes and mountains all over.

Beautiful pasture where you may find sheep being reared...a small hut....sounds good...huh..!

It also made me feel proud that India is a country with vast differences, not just in terms of culture, taste or lifestyle, but also when it comes to natural beauty. What I had seen and experienced since childhood was totally different from what I got to discover in Ooty. No wonder it has been such a hugely popular film shooting locale for decades!

I didn’t realize that July was a cold month in the Nilgiri, until I saw school children in sweaters. To our tough luck, we had hardly packed any woolens, so we had no choice but to enjoy the shivers. It drizzles and rains most of the time, adding to the refreshing quality of the air. All you want to do is walk down to a nearby shop and grab a hot cup of tea. Their style of making tea is different and interesting. If you are a tea-lover, you would want to watch the process of how it’s made and poured into your cup.

Popular filmy railway track

And if you are a chocolate lover, you got to be here! Yes, they sell home-made chocolates – all kinds. After feeling some soft showers on my face and filling my mouth with chocolates, I almost dozed off to my dream world – a world of castles, I guess… but I had to pinch myself and come back to my world – the usual.

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