Tuesday, 30 October 2012

7 Traits Of A True-Blue Traveler

Kuala Lumpur airport during the wee hours
Do you love the buzz at the airport? Do you like the idea of living out of suitcases? If your answer is a ‘yes’ then you are reading the right stuff. 

There are people who get exasperated with too much of traveling. Yes, it can be very taxing and irksome, if it’s too often. Nobody likes long flights, bad food or wee hours of a journey. There’s no two ways about it that traveling comes with some avoidable aspects. But we still can’t do without it!

A true travel experience is more than just a holiday. It’s about soaking in the essence of a place, taking a complete break from yourself and allowing the other side of you to immerse into a different world – a world, which is not yours but you would love to explore it. There’s a certain joy that you feel inside of you as soon as you reach a new place. Your eyes begin to twinkle and your feet just can’t wait to go around rambling. 

A state of bliss: At Marine Drive in Mumbai
The point is that if you are a true-blue traveler, you can’t be let down by the hazards of traveling. If you look at traveling as a passion, it is sure going to reward you in the long run.

I have traveled quite a bit – both at leisure and for work. Well, I must say it has always been a fabulous experience. None of my destinations has ever let me down in any way. Of course, there are not-so-good experiences, too. But eventually, visiting a new place opens up a new page of life, which enriches you in some way or the other.

To understand ‘travel’ better and add more meaning to it, you need to have an attitude. Read on.

1. Enjoy the unpredictability

Sometimes, you expect a lot from a destination and you don’t get that, and sometimes, you don’t expect much, while the place amazes you! That’s the magic of traveling. It’s unpredictable. I know some people who haven’t found Paris (one of the dream cities in the world) very nice. So, anything is possible! But you have to keep the zest alive and take each new experience in your stride.

2. Explore and devour

You may have missed out on many tourist hotspots of a particular destination, but if you have been able to extract its true essence, you have hit the right note. It’s more exciting to simply set out on the road and get on any bus (find out about the destination later). Well, I am not advising you to be rash. But yes, if something fascinates you, go after it completely! 

A simple vacation
3. Look beyond the ‘usual’

Offbeat can be more enviable than the popular. You need to have an eye for it. You should be able to smell it. Bicycling from one countryside to another could be a better idea than posing at celebrity museums.    

4. Take note of the ‘Underrated’

Remember, there are many, many unsung destinations across the country and abroad. So, getting unabashedly greedy about even a low-key place is a good idea. I had a chance to visit Kushinagar, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, which turned out to be absolutely marvelous! 

5. Keep naysayers at bay

Never ever go by other people’s perception or opinion. Always go by your own instinct. If you have a fervent desire to visit a place, don’t let it dim down because of someone else’s viewpoint. You may like a town’s simplicity, while someone else may find it ‘too peaceful’. You never know what could be ‘your kind of place’!

6. Be nosy and inquisitive

A couple from France in Udaipur
You can’t claim to have seen a place unless you have exchanged a few pleasantries with strangers, fellow-travelers and locals. Every destination has something more to offer, which you don’t see immediately. But as you interact with people, you come across many interesting facets.

7. Always keep something for a second visit

There’re never enough hours or days to explore a place completely. There’s always a possibility to visit it again, which is a good thing! For example, Mussoorie is the most clich├ęd destination. I have been going there since childhood. But I am still very keen to visit it for a completely different purpose (which I will share once I have accomplished it).

Traveling is as limitless as sky. There’s simply no end to it, and that’s the sheer joy of it! You don’t know where you are going, but you are enjoying the discoveries on the way.

In every aspect of life, you win some and you lose some. But when it comes to travel, you only win!


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  3. this is nicely written! Especially loved the term 'true-blue'. Spot on for points 3, 5 & 6.

  4. Everyone knows its again a great piece of writing by you, tat's obvious but at the same time the pictures grabbed my attention the most! A well-written piece with apt well clicked pictures makes it all complete to its best :)


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