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Look-alikes: Flemington in Sydney vs. Vasant Vihar in Dehradun

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Green is the first word that hits my mind the moment I think about these two places – Flemington in Sydney and Vasant Vihar in Dehradun. Both the places are refreshing, quiet, sparsely populated and well-organized.

The moment I arrived at Flemington in Sydney, it reminded me of Dehradun. It had the same serene quality to it, chill in the air after a rainfall. Taking a walk in the morning was just like a conversation with nature.
I had a chance to visit Dehradun again after I came back from Sydney, which helped me reminisce about Flemington while I walked through Vasant Vihar.
Check out the pictures.
On the left is Vasant Vihar residential colony in Dehradun, while on the right we have Flemington – a quiet suburb in Sydney

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