Friday, 16 November 2012

5 Unexpected Things You Can Do On A Trip

1. Taste A New Cuisine 

Enjoying a specialty at a popular restaurant is very usual. Sizzle up your holiday with an offbeat cuisine, something that you wouldn’t eat normally. If you appreciate innovative cooking and have the ability to try out something exotic, you are sure to add that ‘pungent’ twist to your holiday! 

Exotic meal

2.  Befriend A Local Inhabitant 

There isn’t a better way of knowing a place than knowing it from its residents. Build a friendship with a chai-wala, florist or maybe a fellow traveler on a local train, and start a light chit-chat about the city in general. It will give you a new perspective of your destination. 

Our Chaiwala serving tea in the afternoon

3. Observe A Morning Scene 

Wake up a little early and go out for a morning walk. Enjoy a cup of tea at a regular coffee shop and read their local newspaper. Look around and observe people, different activities that take place. You could have visited a place a hundred times, but starting your day early there accentuates its charm. 

Morning scene in Mumbai

4. Take Up A Sport 

Even if you are not a sports buff, taking up a sport or an outdoor activity on a holiday is an interesting idea. Learn a new sport – it could be golf, tennis or swimming. Your trip can unleash some of your hidden talents, which you can brush up and take back home valuable memories. 

Cricket ground in Chail

5. Music, Theater, Art, Books & Fashion 

Well if you are an art lover, someone who’s quite regular with musical shows and art exhibitions, then it’s pretty obvious for you to visit an art gallery. On the contrary, if you are someone who’s totally away from such stuff, probably you can explore your interests.

Go around and check out if any show is on, any painting exhibition, any book launch or maybe a fashion show. There are numerous options and possibilities.

Who doesn’t want to boast about doing something out of the ordinary on a vacation? Well, I discussed just five, but I am sure there are many unexpected and fun things that one can do on a trip.

Art Gallery in New Delhi

Have you ever done something that a tourist usually doesn’t get into?


  1. Love doing the first three. Nice compilation of things to do.

    1. Thanks Niranjan :) Yeah, the first three are easier to do!

  2. Did none of da mentioned five ....!!! but wud luv to next tym!

    1. Yeah, please do and share your experience!


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