Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Delhi - A City Of Art & Photography

Venue: National Gallery Of Modern Art, New Delhi
Event: Inauguration of Visual Archives Of KULWANT ROY
Date: 14th November, 2012

Delhi is a city of art lovers! If you have an eye for beauty, an inquisitiveness to learn, and an ability to appreciate different forms of art, Delhi will be your host any day. 

Kulwant Roy was a great Indian photographer who left a brilliant legacy of his photographs for us to enjoy. So here's a sneak peek into it -  

Mr Kulwant Roy's old cameras and equipments showcased
This is my favorite photograph by Mr Kulwant Roy
Inauguration at the National Gallery Of Modern Art


  1. these pictures do attract me to visit such a place...

  2. Nice collection and beautifully captured :-)...


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