Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dorothy's Seat... From The Horse's Mouth

Way To Tiffin Top also known as Dorothy's Seat

Photo Credit: Our Guide
Bridle path to Dorothy’s Seat, Nainital …This was the caption on the cover of OutlookTraveller magazine (September 2006) along with a picture of horses on their way to Tiffin Top, also known as Dorothy’s Seat. That’s particularly the issue, which kindled the traveler in me, not just in me, but in my family, too.

We decided to kick-start traveling with Nainital. I was keen to fulfill the dream promised by Outlook Traveller – riding a horse on the bridle path to Dorothy’s Seat. Apparently, it’s called Tiffin Top because people hang out there for picnics. As the name suggests, it’s situated at quite a height (
7,520 ft), offering the entire view of the town of Nainital.

Although I was jittery to ride on a horse, it set in me a determination to experience something new and memorable. My horse’s name was Badal. It was a very sweet, humble and obedient horse. Finally we were off to Dorothy’s seat, enjoying the dense deodar and pine trees around, early summer warmth and quietude of nature. 

Naini Lake seen from the Tiffin Top

As we reached the top, we were amazed to find beautiful views spread all over – Nainital is truly picturesque. I must say that it’s underrated as a destination. It has got much more to surprise than we can possibly think of. If you are looking for an ‘abandoning’ holiday - a time when you just want to be yourself and do whatever you feel like, Nainital is sure to fulfill that for you.

My dream came true – I could actually do what I read in a magazine! Have you ever got inspired by a travel magazine or a travel show, and actually did exactly what you read or saw?


  1. Great view from the top. The horse ride should be a nice experience too. Nice post.


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Phivos! There's more coming up...

  3. May be reading something didnt inspire me to travel to a particular destination but yes after visiting a place if i get to read anything about that place i m all the more curious... :)

  4. Well, as a writer , its important to observe everything in its detail and i amazed you takecare of the minutest one and write beautifully. It was sweet gesture a sweet observation indeed to mention your horse name and his qualities :) Great piece as alwayz

  5. Great view of Naini lake that u have captured :-)

    1. Thanks Paresh :) The views are amazing from Tiffin Top!

  6. Was just going through your posts and this particular one had me take a close look due to my recent visit to Nainital.
    I went to China Peak (and blogged about it just two days ago- you should check it) but I missed Tiffin Top due to lack of time on the trip. Was glad to read about it here.
    Great post and pictures :)

  7. That’s particularly the issue, which kindled the traveler in me, not just in me, but in my family, too.horse racing


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