Saturday, 3 November 2012

How To Take Memorable Travel Photographs?

Photographs are real memories. They are the mementos of experiences shared during a vacation – alone or with people. Usually people who love to travel, click good pictures, too. Whenever I travel, my main focus is pictures and more pictures. In fact, most of the time after a trip, I realize that I spent more time on clicking pictures than actually enjoying the place. Later, when I run through my collection, I get back to my trip in memories.

When it comes to photography, there are some experiences more special than the rest. Here’s a quick look at a couple of such experiences –

Juhu Beach at dusk

I sauntered on Juhu beach in the afternoon, after which I went to Linking road for shopping. I went back at the beach to capture its beauty in the hues of sunset. It was a beautiful experience. Juhu beach is thronged with people in the evenings. I loved capturing the liveliness, the thrill of children, the romance, and the free-spiritedness of people out there.
I particularly remember a bunch of children bathing and playing in water without slightest of fear. Waves turn quite wild sometimes, but the kids just had a whale of a time. They didn’t care. I am grateful to them as they asked me to click their pictures. They just didn’t want to leave me!

While leaving Mumbai

I was on my way to the airport; I simply gasped at the beautiful scene and asked my cabby to stop for a while. I had to get down to click some last shots at Marine Drive. I couldn’t take my eyes off from the mesmerizing skyline bathed in sunset.

Another experience that I remember fondly was when I clicked pictures from the running train while leaving Mumbai. I requested my coach attendant to keep the door open for sometime. As soon as the train departs from the station, you get to see immensely scenic views – vast landscape of mountains and lakes. That's like icing on the cake!

A trip has several possibilities, a city has many surprises. You never know when you can ‘click’ your best shot!


  1. never know when u can click a good shot...

  2. Yes many surprises many possibilities!
    You have framed some fantastic moments!

    1. Thanks Indrani :) That's very kind of you!


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