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My Top 5 Travel Dreams…

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A travel buff has certain holiday dreams that keep that ‘spunk and spark’ of traveling kindled. I don’t really decide on my destinations, rather my destinations choose me! I take each travel experience as a gift.

However, I do have some dreams that I would like to experience in real someday! Let’s check them out –    

1.      On A Cruise – 

I want to go on a cruise, a really long one (at least 10 days) and experience life on water. A ship journey has always fascinated me for some reason. I am sure it’s a different experience altogether. I just picture myself on a huge ship loitering, sipping a drink, reading or doing nothing – it just amazes me!  

2.      Vineyard –

I want to visit a vineyard estate – smell its succulent aroma, meet the winemakers, see and learn about the wine making process and participate in the much celebrated wine tasting ceremony.

3.      Countryside –

      I want to spend a few days at a beautiful countryside, lie down on pasture, smell flowers and fruits… (that reminds me of Heidi – a little girl from Swiss Alps). The idea of a modest, little village with no city vehicle mesmerizes me. It is going to be a heaven-like experience – riding my own carriage, looking around to find no speck of dust, mountains afar and a river flowing beside.     

4.      Medieval Era –

I want to wander through an old city – maybe a city, which has treasures of old architecture along with charming natural beauty. I imagine an interesting place that could take me to an old era (not to be mistaken with boring history lessons).

5.       On An Island –

I want to get marooned on a beautiful, little deserted island and simply enjoy the bliss called ‘laziness’. Silky sunshine sneaking through tree branches, balmy breezes, barbecue, the whole day at leisure – that’s really a dream and I need to be pinched.

Do you have a travel dream? Please share it with me in the comments section!

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