Thursday, 22 November 2012

Walking Down The Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you love walking, there’s nothing like Sydney Harbour Bridge! It offers some of the most delightful views of the city. You got to be here to experience it! Here are a few excerpts from my stroll –

Sydney Harbour Bridge

It was around six in the evening, when we began our much awaited ‘bridge walk’. The sun couldn’t have looked more perfect – it had just mellowed down. I was eager, I was keen, but to be honest, I did not expect it to be so much of fun! We would walk a bit, and then stop to take pictures, to watch passersby, to admire beautiful vista spread across the bridge. 

Undoubtedly, Sydney Opera House looks absolutely stunning when seen from the bridge. You get a whole new view of it, which just spellbinds you! Skyscrapers, ships and the endless sea view, all put together serves a feast for the eyes. You just want to soak in more and more!

There are people who would prefer bridge climbing or a helicopter ride over a walk. That’s perfectly alright. Nevertheless, there’s nothing jauntier than simply rambling, and chuckling with your companions without a care. 

There are good times, and there are great times. Walking through the Sydney Harbour Bridge is definitely one of the great times. If you have a carefree spirit, it’s hard for you not to enjoy this exceptionally fabulous experience. Walk alone or with friends, just make sure you have enough fuel in your engine. You know what I am saying, right?


  1. Great views. The Bridge itself is a stunner. Nice post.

  2. beautiful city and beautifully captured...


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