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50 Travel Anecdotes…. Many More To Come!

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Writing about my travel experiences has taught me a lot – it has awakened me to so many things, so many aspects of traveling, which I had been overlooking for so long. Now I know that my next trip will be richer, more rewarding in terms of experiences, observations, knowledge and learning.
Although my travel has enriched me, I have traveled more like a tourist than a real inquisitive traveler. I mean I have tried to explore a destination quite curiously, but I have never really tried to find any unusual, out of the ordinary aspect of a place. Even my photographs have been very ‘expected’. It’s when I started blogging, I came to realize that my pictures need to be more interesting, more unique.
Sharing my experiences, thoughts and expressions through writing is liberating. It has kind of redefined my way of thinking. Now I am more aware of things, more conscious of bringing out the best of a destination. It has instilled in me newer ways to see a place.
Looking at travel deeply has taught me to appreciate little, undervalued things – people who are different from us, people who work really hard to earn a living, people who actually contribute to our travels, but they are never acknowledged or rewarded. We visit a popular destination, click pictures, share with friends and flaunt about our holidays. We never care to realize that there are people who work ‘behind the scenes’ to make our holidays comfortable for us – be it a waiter, a hotel attendant, a cabby, a florist or maybe a shopkeeper who guided you or suggested you the right itinerary. It could be anybody, the point is to understand and become more conscious of such small people who make a big difference in our lives through their small gestures.
I am even keener to write today than I was when I started to blog; and I have a stronger urge to travel! 

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  • Totally agree with you Renuka and thanks a ton to bring this topic up beacuse those people behind the scene must be rewarded in terms of gratitude.Being a travelor is one of the most wonderful things revealed to be in life.Though i have not blogged about most but i know it very well how much i got enriched while sitting alone beside an isolated lake close to my dwelling place.The kind of peace and harmony that offers is uncomparable with any other mean.

  • I agree writing about your travel experiences should have added a new dimension to the way you would look at travel in future…so we have many more interesting reads coming up.. Keep it up!!

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