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6 Reasons To Love Mumbai

6 Reasons To Love Mumbai
My first post on Mumbai – Mistress Of Spices had just a dash of what I feel for the city. I want to explore, and define what exactly mesmerizes me so much about this harbor city! People have strong opinions about Mumbai – either they love it or hate it. Usually, the ones who hate it have reasons like – it’s too crowded, congested, smelly and filthy. Well, that’s okay. Everybody has different ways of looking at things. However, the ones who love it (like me) have an interesting perspective.
Here’s what captivated me about Mumbai –  
1.  People and their bustling energy
What instantly connects you to Mumbai is the spirit that the people carry. They are chilled out, relaxed and cool. They seem to shrug the worries off their shoulders. From the moment it is dawn till the time sun goes down the horizon, and even late into the night – Mumbaites simply don’t keep quiet. It’s a pleasant buzz all through that keeps you alive from within.
2. Seashore and romance
The swirling aura of Juhu beach reminds of various Hindi films that you have seen over the years. It feels great when you are able to live that typical filmy scene, where you just sit by the seaside and gaze, as splashes of water hit your face gently once in a while.     
3. Simplicity and culture
There’s a kind of simplicity about the city in contrast to its glamour quotient. People are rooted to their traditions and culture. Festivals are celebrated with a lot of noise and hoopla.
4. Bollywood mania

It’s quite obvious in the air. You can feel it everywhere. Mumbai is bathed with Bollywood. Gateway of India, The Taj, Marine Drive, VT Station, Juhu Beach and the streets with double-decker buses and the big hoardings – every nook and corner spells filminess to the core.

5. Shopping on the streets
There’s no other place like Mumbai when it comes to street shopping. Picking stuff from the streets is always in vogue. There’s a certain charm to it. A couple of areas that I got to explore are Fashion Street and Linking Road.
6. Glitzy nightlife
The city never sleeps! Yes, that’s one of the highlights of Mumbai. Although I am yet to experience its nightlife, it comes across quite evidently with the way locals live their lives. The ambiance on the streets at 10 in the night is just like 6 in the evening in any other city.
If you have an eye for it – an ability to glance beyond the rush hour, slums and not-so-inviting lodging spaces, there’s this charming city waiting to win your heart!

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