Saturday, 8 December 2012

Laneways Of Melbourne

An outdoor cafe/bar in the evening

My sister and I had heartiest of times in Melbourne – we both had our own itches – she wanted to shop while I wanted to wander, marvel and savor. As soon as we landed in Melbourne, we knew it’s going to be too good to handle, and it was!

The moment we walked out of our hotel, we were enamored by each little nuance of the city. It doesn’t take much effort to just slip into its alluring laneway culture. The way people chill out, eat and drink inspires you to enjoy an aimless day at leisure. Ambling through the laneways, window-shopping, posing for photographs – all of it defines the very essence of Melbourne – revelry.

We don’t remember seeing a single person – tourist or inhabitant of the city, rushing or trying to get through the day. Be it students, yuppies or oldies – everybody seemed to be relaxed.

If I had to be succinct, I would say that it was a ‘trancelike’ experience to be in Melbourne. 

Laneway Cafe



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