Friday, 14 December 2012

Must-Haves Of A Good Hotel

For a good holiday, a good hotel stay is as essential as the destination. If you think it's okay to compromise on the hotel's quality, and have a more splurging trip, it's far from the truth. That’s not the way it is. An average hotel can ruin the joy of your holiday. Discomfort, lack of sleep, tiredness and bad atmosphere are totally avoidable when you have taken a few days off from work to have a good time. Your ‘stay’ should be your top-most priority to have a truly enjoyable and satisfying vacation.

A good hotel doesn’t mean it has to be luxurious. It can be very basic yet very comfortable. You have to keep certain things in mind while choosing a hotel. Read on.
  • Spacious Room – Most of the budget hotels have small rooms, which are not good enough. Try to choose a room with sufficient space, so that you can easily move around and be comfortable.
  • Cleanliness – Your room should be neat and tidy enough to let you lounge anywhere for as long as you want. Staying at a filthy place may affect your health, which would eventually hamper your trip.
  • Hospitable Room Service – It’s extremely important to have a pleasant and helpful room service at your disposal. If your hotel staff treats you well, it enhances the experience of your holiday.
  • Accessibility – Your hotel should be located near to the railway station/airport. It should also be near to a popular shopping area, restaurants and other tourist attractions.
  • Homeliness – I know that’s asking for too much, but a homely touch makes a holiday more memorable. Being on a vacation means relaxation and recreation – it means to feel at home. So pick a hotel that offers you a nice balcony, where you can sit and have tea with your loved ones.
Well, of course, you can’t really predict how a hotel would turn out. However, you can still be cautious and hunt for a hotel that suits your needs to a certain extent. Check out relevant travel websites - make a list of hotels, see their pictures online, read their reviews, and then decide where you want to stay.


  1. Yes point 2 & 4 r very important..n ofcourse homeliness or we can say coziness adds another level of comfort..


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