Thursday, 6 December 2012

Penchant For Pearls – Hyderabad

One of the shops at Charminar Area
A woman would love Hyderabad! The city has all it takes to woo a woman – plenty of beautiful jewels. If you have come to Hyderabad, a stroll at Charminar is a must. The place just smells Hyderabad. It’s old, it’s traditional and it just enthralls (as long as you can remain unperturbed by pollution).

Hyderabad is particularly renowned for pearls, which is an age-old legacy of the Nizams. They ruled Hyderabad for a couple of centuries, thus, they lavished some of the rarest pearls from the Arabian Gulf countries. Over the period of time, the city blossomed with its pearl trade and acquired the status of being a pearl hub.

Exquisite jewels of Hyderabad accentuate the deep-rooted culture, class and tradition of India. Anybody who comes here would like to buy something or the other, not just as a precious jewel, but as a souvenir, too.

If you have an eye for beauty, get ready for some embellishment. Don’t be surprised if you end up picking everything you lay your hands on!   


  1. Well seeing your captures of bangles reminded me I have exactly same in my collection.if U pass by charminar area you can't stop shopping.very well decorated shops never fail to allure you.well written.

  2. Really the shops look so inviting in charminar minus the crowd..nice pictures!!


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