Saturday, 26 January 2013

India and Australia celebrate together!

India and Australia share a very significant date in history - 26th of January, which is something to reckon with for many reasons. 26 January is India'a Republic Day and Australia's Foundation Day. Let’s dig into a bit of history and pick some interesting facts about the two countries –

The Crux Of  The Story

In India, 26th of January was chosen to pay tribute to the declaration of independence in 1930 at Lahore. Later, the new Constitution of India was set up in 1950. On the other hand, Australia Day is celebrated to remember a significant incident that occurred in New South Wales - A fleet of 11 ships, known as the First Fleet, came to Australia from England. Captain Arthur Phillip seized the land in the name of King George III.

Sydney Opera House - In its glory

The Event

Although India had got its independence in 1947, it was still far behind in terms of being a law enforced country. Thus, Republic Day is a major turning point in Indian history. Introduction of Indian Constitution birthed a new Independent India with an identity of its own. Likewise, after the loss of the Thirteen Colonies in North America, Australia needed some settlement too. After years of ups and downs, the state of New South Wales was officially formed in 1808. The country had a new peaceful beginning to look forward to after the First Fleet was ashore at the Sydney Harbour.

India Gate - Illuminated in pride

The Celebrations

In India, the highlight of the celebration is the grand parade on Rajpath in New Delhi, which is held on 26th January. The parade is exclusive because of its tribute to Indian military power and unique cultural diversity. Whereas in Australia, it is an official public holiday all over the country. It's marked by the Australian of the Year Awards on Australia Day Eve, announcement of the Australia Day Honours list and addresses from the Governor-General and Prime Minister. The day is observed with community festivals, concerts and citizenship ceremonies, which are carried out with a lot of hysteria.

Each country has a thread that keeps it connected to its past. India and Australia are countries that have grown by leaps and bounds, and they are raring to go.

Saluting the spirit of people who braved through the events and gave us reasons to celebrate!

PS: Facts source wikipedia.


  1. nice! i wasnt even aware of Australia day!

    1. Yeah...even I wasn't. The moment I came to know that 26th Jan is Australia Day too, I was keen to post something on the topic.

  2. Belated Republic Day. It was only last year that I learn that Australia Day coincided with our Republic day.
    Lovely picture of the India Gate, I've only seen it in broad daylight. Nice picture of the Opera House too. :)

  3. Excellent photography... And useful info!!!!!


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