Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Traveling - A Way Of Life

10 Good Reasons Why Traveling Should Be ‘A Way Of Life’

As we kick-start a new year, I would like to encourage you to travel more and more. When traveling becomes your priority, it can lighten many burdens, and instill in you a new self-confidence. It helps you realize that there’s no need to take life so seriously! There’s no better way to live than to travel. Here’s my list of 10 good reasons why you should travel more often -

1.  Rejuvenation - Traveling refreshes you! All of us live mechanical lives – rushing to work, meeting deadlines, buying groceries, cooking, paying bills, watching TV – everything is mundane. Thus, we all need a break to be able to think afresh, to be able to deliver the best, not just at work, but at home as well.

Rejuvenation - we all need it!

2.  Knowledge – Traveling is a natural learning process. It’s an education without a teacher, school or books. Each destination has a story to tell – you get to know about its background, history, culture, people, food and so many other things.

3.  Happiness – Well, that’s the obvious reason to travel. If you aren't happy, you won’t travel unless it’s for work. However, the happiness that I am talking about is the joy that you experience while you are on a holiday, which is incomparable. It’s sheer happiness to see a new place and gather its essence in the form of photographs or memoirs.

Memories with family!

4.  Experiences – Each holiday unlocks a world of experiences in terms of food, stay and going around the city. A holiday is not just a holiday; it introduces you to a lot of stuff that you wouldn't know otherwise, like for instance, it teaches you how you should be managing your money.

5.  Viewpoint – Traveling changes your perspective towards life in a positive way. It helps you see the brighter side of life and people. A person who travels to various places is able to keep a positive attitude towards things. On the other hand, the one who doesn't travel is more occupied with uninviting thoughts.

Happiness without a worry!

6.  Memories – Traveling is the best way to make memories. Whether it’s with family or friends – a holiday gives you many moments to remember. Memories made during a holiday bring a smile and refresh you anytime!

7.  Surprises – Who doesn't like surprises? (Of course, pleasant ones!) We all love them and look forward to them all the time. A holiday always offers some surprise or the other! Sometimes it could be a really memorable one, sometimes a small one; whatsoever – it is always worth taking note of.

God's beautiful creation is meant to be enjoyed!

8.  Intellect – When you travel to all kinds of places, it helps you come out of your old way of thinking. People who travel know that life has so many aspects, so many layers to it. Those who are slaves to their traditional thinking can actually get acquainted to the realities of life. Traveling gives you a range of things to explore – different lifestyles, occupations, various customs - which eventually builds your intellect. As an individual, you are able to decide what you really want out of your life.

9.  Satisfaction – Well, if you are happy doing something, it is satisfying too. Traveling gives you satisfaction because it’s a constructive activity. It doesn't hurt even after spending so much of money, because it’s a kind of an achievement. Visiting a destination is enriching in so many different ways, which eventually makes it satisfying and worthwhile.

10. An Ode To Our Creator – I strongly believe God wants us to travel and see the world. It’s His creation, and so He wants His people to see it. I believe traveling is a way of appreciating and glorifying God for His awesome creation!

I really hope to travel a lot this year- Looking forward to lots and lots of destinations!


  1. Definitely agree with number three. When I'm somewhere new even walking to the grocery store makes me really happy :)

    1. Thanks Brandi! You are right, traveling gives a twist to the ordinary!

  2. Travelling- The only way of life. :)


    1. Yes, that's the best way to live.

  3. Lovely... I think we can really see a change in the way people look at traveling now a days, especially in India earlier traveling for a holiday was a rare thing but now probably people set aside some time n budget for traveling...


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