Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Netherlands - Better Than A Dream!

Well, who wouldn't like a holiday in Europe? My sister and her husband, Jyotsna and Rochit Marcus, had a whale of a time in Netherlands. They had a chance to peep into their lovely childhoods through the modest city of Eindhoven and other small towns around it. Excerpts from our chat - 

Q. How was your first 'glimpse of Europe'?

A. My first trip to Europe was to the city of Amsterdam, though I didn’t see the city at all at that time and directly took a train to Eindhoven. In a way my first encounter with Europe was when I reached Eindhoven. It’s a beautiful and small city and very nice and quiet place to spend a holiday.

Q. Did Netherlands fulfill your fantasies of ‘flowers, castles and mountains’?

A. Yes it did. We could explore the small towns, county, villages around Eindhoven on our bikes (bicycles) and it was a fantastic experience. Netherlands has a different track and route for cycling (may be most of the places outside Holland have it) so you can cycle and go anywhere you want, and as far as you want. We saw strawberry farms, castles, horses, farms, cows, hens, windmills and so many other beautiful things on our way to different cities/towns.

Photo Credit: Jyotsna & Rochit Marcus

Q. Which city did you explore extensively?

A. We explored Eindhoven (as it was our main place of stay) and the nearby cities like Neunen, etc quite well.

Q. What is that one thing that you liked the most about Netherlands?

A. Netherlands on a whole is quite green and can be enjoyed for its natural beauty. The place where we spent most of our time was Eindhoven, which particularly has all the ingredients of a small and sweet city. You can just relax and loiter around, enjoy coffee, beer, dining or shopping.

Photo Credit: Jyotsna & Rochit Marcus

Q. What do you remember the most about your trip?

A. We did a lot of cycling on this trip, that too after a long time and it was fun! Exploring the countryside around Eindhoven was an experience in itself - we would stop wherever we wanted to enjoy the view or grab a cup of coffee, and then continue with our cycle expedition. 

You can hire a cycle easily in Eindhoven, which will cost you anywhere from 7 to 10 euro a day and get on to explore the nature at your ease.

It was a rare holiday for the Marcus duo, where they bicycled their way into the heart of Europe and gathered some endearing memories.


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