Saturday, 23 February 2013

10 Ways To Save For A 'Luxury' Holiday!

Brush aside those budget accommodations and long train journeys; let your dream to have a luxurious holiday come true! Trust me, it is possible! Being economic is always wise, but why to hold your purse strings for something like travel? Of course, the idea of budget holidays will never go out of fashion. However, it’s good to indulge in luxury once in a while, which adds a different meaning to the whole experience of holidaying.

In today’s times, everybody is a spendthrift. I mean, we may not realize it, but we all spend lots of money on lots of things. Let’s talk about 10 simple, yet significant ways to save for a luxurious holiday –

Skip a Friday flick for a place like this!

1.  Cut down on junk food and coffee – Have you ever given it a thought that you spend an outrageous amount on food that gives you nothing? If I sit down to calculate my own expenditure on junk food for a month, it would be easily around 1,500 bucks. It can be curtailed to 500 bucks, a month, and the remaining thousand bucks can go to my travel kitty.

2.  Get choosy about Friday flicks – Thankfully, I am not a movie buff, so this doesn't apply to me. However, there are many who can’t do without a movie show on a Friday. If you enjoy watching a movie to chill out, that’s great, however, think before blowing off 300 bucks for an average movie!

Indulgence without guilt!  

3.  Avoid the wedding fanfare – Weddings give an excellent excuse to Indians to show off their wealth. It is obviously good to spend for your loved ones on an occasion like wedding, but if you look deep into it, we spend mindlessly on most of the things. I think that even if you curtail 20% of your total wedding expenses, it can afford you a European holiday!

4.  Control shopping spree – Bags, shoes and clothes make a big hole in your pocket! You can save a significant amount for a ‘big fat holiday’ if you overcome the temptation of splashing out at big brands and labels.

Be a miser when it comes to social obligations and enjoy great hotel stays!

5.  Hang-outs and parties – It’s good to be social, to hang out with friends once in a while, but if it’s giving business to restaurants, bars and cafes, better think about it. Parties and get-togethers have their own value in life. I am not saying that you should give up being social for the sake of traveling. But, there has to be some discipline. You need to figure out where to stop.

6.  Gifts and flowers – Be it any festival or wedding, people exchange gifts just for formality without much affection involved. In my viewpoint, it’s better to stand by that dear one in the time of crises instead of bestowing big and expensive gifts, which might not be very useful in the long run.

7.  Keep the car in the garage – Walk down to that nearby grocery store and stay fit. You have no idea how much you can save on fuel, if you stop taking out your car for every small errand.

Keep your car in the garage and take off for a dream holiday!

8.  Gizmo freak – We live in the world of electronics! Some of them are good and really make our lives faster and better. But some of them are there just for status symbol. I don’t think anybody needs a mobile phone that costs 50,000 bucks.

9.  Be regular and punctual at work – Well, it’s pretty simple but an important one. If you are not taking any unnecessary offs from work, it will help you take that one big holiday quite easily. Making sure that you get your salary without any deductions is the ground rule towards saving for a holiday.

10. Loan and credit – Keeping loan and credit to the minimum is the first step towards a life of peace. It’s usual for people to take car loans and house loans, which is alright. However, taking credit for weddings and house renovation is not a wise choice.

There are many other things that can be taken care of, in order to save more money annually and have a generous holiday at your favourite destination. I am sure, not each and every point is achievable for everyone, but even if you work on a couple of points, it can make a difference.


  1. Excellent piece of information and very useful tips. I have learned many things today, i have visited your blog first time.

  2. That's Fabulous Blog I'm glad that i drop by your page and found this very interesting. So lovely, Thanks a great deal pertaining to acquiring precisely what you've bought within the following.

    1. Thanks Sadaf :) Please feel free to join the blog!

  3. Real life tips. I can negate even 1 from the 10 tip list. Every tip is very important, you need all of them to keep your holiday arrangement intact.

  4. Nice tips and very true. I do try to follow at least some of them if not all.

    1. Thanks :) yes, even if we follow some of them, it helps.


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