Monday, 4 March 2013

Delhi’s Khan Market – One Of The High-End Markets In The World

Three different lanes of the market

Well, of course, my first impression about Khan Market in New Delhi was influenced by the fact that it’s known to be ‘upmarket’.  The very notion, kind of, builds a fake wall around. However, as you make several visits, it unveils its charisma beyond being an elite shopping hub. It is one of the world’s costliest markets hands down. But, does that mean if you don’t have big bucks to shell out, you are an alien here? Nope!

Florist Shops

There are quite a few things to bring you back here – not just bars and cafes, designer labels or brands, but something unusual. Read on.

·     Books and cafes – A reader cannot do without a good cup of coffee perhaps. That’s why Khan Market has got a perfect haven for book lovers - There's a variety of book stores and cafes for you!

·        Back lane strolling – If you are there just to roam around, not a bad idea! Khan Market’s back lanes are particularly charming. It’s a lethal combination with a hint of raw street life and a glamorous high-end life.

·       Laid-back hangout – There’s nothing very fast-paced. The atmosphere is very quiet and sober. Just be there with like-minded people and spend endless coffee-sipping hours.

Faqir Chand and Sons Book Store - one of the old charms
Cafe Turtle along with a book store
Back lanes
Each cafe, bar and dining has a guard standing outside

·   Foodie’s favorite – There’s no way you will not admire the food options available. Chocolate delights, spicy non-vegetarian stuff and exotic platters – mouth watering, right?

·   Old world essence – Behind the big brands and labels, there’s a hidden essence of tradition and heritage. Every nook and corner of the market has a certain kind of uniqueness to boast about. Even if you don't shop at all, you will still have some accentuated remembrances in your mind after you leave the market.

· Architecture – What I found most amazing about the market is that it’s not built in a manner to impress, which is contrary to the fact that it’s a renowned elite market. Its architecture is very simple, very inviting for those who just like to loiter aimlessly. If I may say so, it’s a bit unsophisticated, which makes it more captivating.

·  Exclusiveness – Well, if you do buy something from the market, it is definitely exclusive. Whether it’s shoes, clothes, bags, accessories, household stuff or anything else for that matter, it is a great shopping experience.

Fun of street shopping
Chocolate lovers have a place to head to
Good Earth - Home decor showroom
The groceries
Being the capital city of India, Delhi has many reasons to be celebrated and talked about, but there are a few legacies to savour quite seriously – Khan Market is one of them.


  1. Exciting place. You have captured it beautifully.

    1. Thanks Niranjan! It is, indeed, an exciting place!

  2. hi... After reading your stuff, feel like visiting those place!! :-)

  3. :) loved reading it. Nice one. Also its special because the place holds some beautiful memories with you.

  4. wow, you made the place look even more stunning than what it is! Have been there but never saw it from this pretty perspective :)

    1. Thanks!!! I am glad to hear that :)

  5. Its super site, I was looking for something like this online florist in delhi

    1. Thanks Priyanka! Khan Market is a nice place to hang out other than shopping. :)


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