Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Why Foreign Tourists Love Rajasthan

The absolutely charming state of India, Rajasthan, celebrates being ‘colorful’ without apology and cashes in on its ethnicity to the core. Rajasthan is truly an incorrigible enchantress, which has been bewitching the foreign tourists for ages. Here’s my inquisitiveness to know why -
Top - The Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, Bottom Left - Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and Bottom Right - The Thar Desert 
After exploring three cities of Rajasthan - Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, I have developed a deep affection for the state. I can say that it’s a home away from home for me. Well, it’s not just me who’s besotted by the royal state - there are many who simply can’t get enough of this magical land. I am hinting at the tourists from abroad, who keep pouring in all through the year! So, what is it that makes Rajasthan a “home away from home” for the foreign tourists?

What is it that captivates them so much about Rajasthan?

Left - Foreign tourists at Golden Fort aka Jaisalmer Fort, and Right - A foreign lady checking out a shop in the alleys of the fort.
Its magnetic culture and traditions are sure there to amaze, then there’s immense history and splendid architecture to enchant, royalty, color and energy are always in the air and hospitality is the undisputed trademark. Well, all of it does attract a tourist, be it a foreigner or an Indian. Keeping all that aside, there’s something very intriguing and unique about Rajasthan that wins a tourist’s heart right away (especially foreigners)! I was in Jaisalmer last week, and was happily amazed to see so many travelers from all over the world!
I tried talking to many of my fellow travelers, who were from different parts of the world, to find out what they liked about Rajasthan in particular. Most of them had a quick reply that it’s colorful; some of them liked the royal forts, while some of them did not have words to express their fascination for the place. They simply wanted to be quiet and soak in more and more of the spellbinding atmosphere around.

Tourists during the festival of Diwali at Jagdish Temple, Udaipur
Blend of the rustic and the high life

The most obvious trait of Rajasthan is that its traditional legacy shakes hands with the dolce vita lifestyle with an ease. Foreign tourists are able to sneak into the world of rural living, folk dances and culture, while enjoying luxury and their very own free-spirited selves.

The unaffected simplicity of people

People of Rajasthan play a pivotal role in bringing out its charisma. Each and every person, be it a guard standing at the entrance of a palace, a waiter, an auto driver or a random man walking on the street represent Rajasthan. Their behavior, tone of voice and attitude reflect their generosity towards all kinds of tourists.

At Saas-Bahu Temple in Nagda, Udaipur
The festivities and the furor

Rajasthan is renowned for its festivals. Every year, there are various kinds of fairs and fests that take place in different cities of Rajasthan - Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur to name a few. Even if there isn’t much activity going on during summers, the buzz is still alive in some way or the other. There are so many traditions followed in India, and Rajasthan is one such state that has gloriously preserved each tradition. Basically, the celebrations are never at rest, which keep tourists of all kinds intrigued.

Feel at home quality

A foreigner is treated like family in Rajasthan. There are many hoteliers who have built lasting relationships with their guests. It’s amazing to see the ease and comfort between the guest and the host. Most of the staffs at the hotels learn to communicate in English, French, Spanish and Japanese to be able to serve their guests better.

A foreign couple enjoying a lovely evening in Udaipur
An ‘undefined’ mystic

There’s a certain something, which is hard to put into words, but it’s there. It’s there to hold and bewilder people. There’s an aura that you slip into as you begin to connect to its essence. It’s a hidden mystic that envelopes a traveler – he or she could be from any part of the world, but is sure to come back!

Well, Rajasthan remains to be a foreign tourist's favorite destination. It could be for one or many reasons, but something to take note of is that it is actually from a foreigner that you get the real picture of your own country – the treasure that you are born with.
Are you charmed by Rajasthan too?   


  1. I also love rajasthan.. It is simply amazing.... Can't get enough of it... Lovely post Renuka!

  2. Excellent post. Nice write up. It is definitely a mystic land.


  3. I got a beautiful glimpse of the place through your words n pics!! I will see it for sure :)

  4. Simply life i love rajasthani life

  5. I would like to say many thanks to you for the useful information that you provided here.
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  6. After reading your blog post feel like travelling to Rajasthan and enjoy at the best hotel in Rajasthan!

    1. Yeah, you must! Rajasthan is amazing!

  7. Absolutely India was one the one promising country to travel on…I am hoping to get there so soon…
    Caryl@ UK Country Retreat

    1. Yes, India is wonderful to travel!

  8. Rajasthan is my native state.
    I am totally in awe with it! I do not miss a single chance of going there!

  9. Rajasthan definitely has a romance I think as a foreigner. It has palaces and lakes and deserts and forts. It's sort of the image people have of India from the outside. When you're looking to go to India for the first time, Rajasthan is probably first on your list. It's exciting too, and to be honest it features heavily on the brochures. Personally, I'm a bit of a visual junkie and if I see a photo of something and think 'wow!', then the next thing is 'I dont know what that is, but I want to go there!'

    A single photo can be enough for me, really. Rajasthan, are I say it, is the India that has appeared in a number of 'blockbuster' type films as well - Octopussy is the obvious one, Indianna Jones, that sort of thing, which only serves to increase the romance. But the fact is Rajasthan does not disappoint the traveller who goes there. It's really a fantastic place to visit! great reading!

    1. Thanks Andrew :) I agree, Rajasthan is the true picture of India - ethnic, rustic and charming. I love it too. What amazes me is the fact that even though I am an Indian, I am so fascinated by Rajasthan - its culture, colors and atmosphere.


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