Thursday, 7 March 2013

Women Going Places!

There couldn’t be a better day than International Women’s Day to talk about being a woman and being a traveller. I’d like to salute all those women who chase their dreams. I am definitely one of such women, who simply can’t do without their dreams. I am a dreamer and I am proud about it.

Although I am still far behind from living a ‘nomadic’ lifestyle, I’d still say that travelling is a necessity for me more than a break or a holiday. I am eager, I am keen to travel more often – to gather more experiences, meet more people, taste different cuisines, get acquainted with all sorts of interesting cultures and traditions.

I am glad and more confident today, because I have come to realise the fact that there are many other women like me who like to travel, and how! My passion for travel has grown even more after I started writing Voyager For Life. My love for travel has introduced me to various other women who travel quite a lot, and have enriched many lives through their travel stories.

I have picked 5 women who have inspired me to keep my dream to travel alive! Yes, it’s after I read so many travel stories from these women, their experiences and challenges, my determination to see the world grew stronger!

Julie Falconer, who writes A Lady In London, has a unique way of bringing out her travel anecdotes. I almost fainted when I read that the lady has seen 90 countries! That was enough to get inspired, really. It feels great to know such women who have such grit and strength to pursue what their hearts tell them to.

Mariellen Ward writes breathedreamgo. She definitely stands apart! I like to read her stories about India, which are so fascinating! They make me feel so fortunate to be born in India. To see your own country from a foreigner’s point of view is even more interesting!

Neelima Vallangi shares her love for travel at The Wandering Soul’s Wandering Tales. She’s one woman who celebrates India! She has been to various places across the country. It’s like you name it and she has been there! After reading about her travels, you will know that India is a world in itself.  

Lakshmi Sarath, with her A Travel Blog Of An Indian Backpacker, brings out all kinds of travel stories – colourful, vibrant, traditional, eerie and architectural to name a few. She’s the first woman traveller who took note of my travels, too. So I am grateful to her for more reasons than one.

Oneika narrates her travel tales at Oneika The Traveller. The first thing that amazed me about her was that she has already travelled to 60 countries! India is the 61st country that she visited! She has brought out her experiences about India quite interestingly in her recent stories. Also, she shared a story on how to save to be able to travel more often!

Well, it felt nice to write about these ‘travelling divas’. These women, with their love for travel, have added a new dimension to our lives. Life is beyond the traditional, expected, and safe way of thinking. Kudos to these women! They are an inspiration and raring to go!   


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