Friday, 5 April 2013

7 Fitness Benefits Of Travel

You might think travel has several health hazards. Yes, of course, if somebody has to travel regularly, health could be a critical issue. But if you look at it from another perspective, travel helps you keep fit. Travel has quite a few health benefits. 

Let’s find out – 

1. Walking, a good way to burn calories –  You end up walking a lot on a trip. Strolling, loitering, checking out shops and museums, etc keep you active. By the end of the day, you feel so exhausted that all you want to do is enjoy a good sleep. I walk a lot on my holidays. By the end of it, I am satisfied that whatever I ate, it’s burnt out and I am fit.

Hiking is a good way to burn calories

2. Mind free of worries – Our routine life has so many things to worry about – to reach office on time, to meet deadlines, to save money, to manage household chores and so on. On the contrary, when you are on vacation, all such worries make an exit automatically. Your mind is absolutely worry-free, which eventually affects your health in a positive way.

3. Better resistance – Frequent travel improves your immunity. You eat different kinds of food, drink water from different places and learn to adjust in an environment unlike your own home. A person who is able to cope with different food, tastes and surroundings, is able to overcome health issues faster than a person who lives a routine life without a break.

4. Rejuvenation – Being on holiday is primarily about relaxation. When your body, mind, heart and soul are at rest, it refreshes you from within. Whenever you are back from a trip, you are more enthusiastic about work and other things. Regular breaks from routine life ease your mind, which contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

5. Happiness cures many diseases – Holidays make you happy, and when you are happy, your body ailments heal faster. People who never travel or travel less, are more stressed out due to lack of recreation. Every human being needs change and variety from time to time in order to feel light.

6. Fresh air to breathe in – Places ideal for holiday are usually purer in atmosphere than a regular bustling city. For example, if you are at a hill station, you will be able to breathe in fresh air, which is good for your health.

7. Checks your routine – Travelling makes you more conscious about your everyday routine. When you are unable to follow a routine, you get an urge to get back to a disciplined lifestyle. It, kind of, motivates you to eat healthy and stay fit.

Thus, travelling does come with some health benefits! It’s just that you have to take extra care of yourself during vacations – don’t compromise on cleanliness and good food. As long as you have a positive attitude and spirit to travel, your health will never go haywire, rather it will get better.

Do you have any tip or advice to share on keeping fit during a trip? Please leave your comments!


  1. nice informative, travel also make you feel one with the nature and makes you realise the importance of trees, flowers, rivers and mountains in our lives. The reason to appreciate God's beauty :)

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    1. Thanks James! You are welcome to join this blog!


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