Sunday, 28 April 2013

Darling Harbour in Sydney – A Dreamlike Experience

My first day in Sydney was full of anticipation – of how the city would turn out, whether it would be like my impression about a foreign country or not. I would like to mention that Sydney was my first international destination ever (courtesy my sister who lived there for some time). So, when my sister and I set out for an excursion, I was full of excitement (almost childlike). Darling Harbour was the first place I visited, and the moment I reached there, I was full of awe and wonder. I simply didn’t know where to gaze. I mean, I was clueless about how to absorb so much of visual treat in such a short time!  

(I am not going to load you with any Wikipedia information; you can check that out here

We just wandered our way through the harbour – marvelling at everything that we came across. It was just like Cinderella on a break from her pining life. I remember sitting on a bench with my sister and having doughnuts. That was one moment very endearing and special to me because of the journey I had with my sister since our childhood. We reminisced some of our childhood silliness for a moment, while a couple of birds flew by to bring us back to where we were – a gorgeous place!

I was more amazed to see most of the things, while my sister was pretty much aware of everything. It was almost like a quick dekko of this fantasy world. It was like before I could even pause for a moment to soak in something, another attraction would pop up!

I really want to go back and spend some more time at Darling Harbour. I don’t know when it will be possible; or will it ever be possible at all? Anyway, it was just too good to be true and I am leaving you with some delicious pictures!


  1. You have captured the harbour so beautifully. It lloks so colourful and bright.

  2. Impressive piece and the clicks are adorning its beauty..!!!

  3. Real Good pictures...

    Dilip Kumar,Bangalore

  4. This looks awesome. You seem to have had an awesome visit in Sydney..Excellent writing and photographs. Sounds like an amazing experience. i will be looking forward to the places you recomended to visit.Thanks Renuka

    1. Thanks for your kind words :) While Darling Harbor is a cream of places to visit in Sydney, the entire city is stunning!


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