Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How To Be A Responsible Traveller?

Tourism kills the joy of travelling. I know that sounds weird, because the term ‘tourism’ emerged from the very notion of ‘a person visiting a destination’. But now, tourism and travelling are two different terms with two different meanings. Now the former is about commercialization, while the latter is about exploring a destination.

Well, my focus is on how to be a responsible traveller? A traveller respects a destination, its uniqueness, beauty, heritage and people. There are certain attributes of a responsible traveller that help preserve a destination. Take a look –

Let the place remain clean –

Never ever throw litter anywhere but in the dustbin. This is the foremost thing that a traveller practices. It irks me like hell when I am taking a shot at a beautiful river and I see packets of chips in my frame. Why? Most of the time, the garbage thrown carelessly by tourists becomes unwanted guest in the photographs. Although it can be edited later with Photoshop, it is still annoying while you are actually there at a beautiful place.

It is pretty simple to keep your surroundings clean. It is not something that you have to spend your money, time or energy on. You just need to be conscious, disciplined and caring. What would you prefer – a dirty place or a neat and tidy one? 

Avoid thronging a place –

A traveller is selective about what he or she wishes to do. Someone who’s responsible would keep things simple. He or she would not visit a place just because it’s famous. When you are not running a race and taking it easy, it helps in enjoying a destination in a better way. Pick and choose what you would like to do – skip visiting a museum if it’s not something that you really like.

Set aside a few exclusive things to do. For instance, if you like adventure and sports, spend more time indulging in it instead of loitering at a busy market without a purpose. The idea is that if you are doing selective things, you are making it easy for yourself and for others as well.

Plan your itinerary wisely –

My heart bleeds when I see dark gray pollution in the air and I have to cover my face again and again. That’s the last thing you want to do on a vacation. A holiday is about abandonment It’s about enjoying the atmosphere without a hindrance. Manali and Ooty have immense natural beauty but they can’t be enjoyed freely because of the vehicles and the pollution caused by them. On the contrary, Shimla lets you enjoy carefree sauntering because there are no vehicles allowed on the Mall road.

What you can do as a traveller is that you can plan your trip in such a way that you don’t need to use any vehicle. You can choose to stay at a reclusive guest house on a hill, which will enable you to enjoy the untouched natural surroundings without going anywhere. It would also discourage the use of vehicles that pollute the atmosphere.

Preserve the heritage sites –

There are tourists who write their names on the walls of historical sites. It is quite weird to do so because you are taking the photographs home, which is a good way to boast about the visit. Respect the legacy, so that the next generation may also get a chance to appreciate it. Even if you want to leave a mark that you visited the site, you may do so decently and not do it in a manner that it hampers the enjoyment of others. I mean, make sure that the authenticity of a place is preserved.

Let’s not kill the joy of travelling by being careless tourists. Let’s be true travellers – let’s care and enjoy.

Do you feel over-commercialization is killing the joy of travelling?


  1. Bang on. agree with all your points. lovely! wish people could learn and help preserving the joy of traveling.

    1. Yes! We need to care for a place.

  2. I second that. Wish there were more responsible travellers on the planet than tourists.


  3. Well said. Responsiblity should be taken by each and every one. Have seen more plastic bottles than travellers in a beach. eg: Kovalam Beach, Kerala.

    Dilip Kumar, Bangalore

    1. yeah...that's sad...I hope people learn to be responsible.

  4. nice post, but, i want to go for river rafting, can you please let me know which month/destination suitable for me.


    1. Thanks Sunil :) You can probably go to Rishikesh after the monsoons are over.

  5. Great brooding!
    There are the most important tips to make a responsible traveler.
    thanks for sharing your experience.


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