Friday, 2 August 2013

Taste A Bite Of Royalty At Palki Café

Palki is a royal palanquin from the old world - That’s the name of a small café at Mehrangarh Fort. Earlier known as Palkikhana is now turned into a café at the fort. I don’t really know what all they serve, but from what I could comprehend from a quick glance, I found it to be a nice place to chill out after an excursion of the entire fort. Since I visited the fort at the end of the day, I had to rush and I didn’t have time to explore the café.

It’s a different atmosphere at Mehrangarh Fort towards the sunset. Tourist entry is closed post 5 o’clock in the evening. In spite of the restricted timings, people throng the fort in the evening with an excuse of visiting a temple at the other end of the fort.

Well, I will talk about the fort in my upcoming post. For now, I would like to make you aware of ‘Palki Café’ which I could have enjoyed if I had made it to the fort a little earlier in the day. Anyway, the visit was still rewarding because of the velvet-soft sunset that I got to witness. As guided by my cabby, I had to lie about ‘visiting the temple’ part, which I found a little funny! The museum is open only till 5 o’clock, post which they don’t let you in even to see the fort from outside. In my case, I was barely interested in seeing the museum (I am not fond of museums), so the timings, anyway, did not matter to me.

Palki Cafe along with a bakery

So, if you plan to visit Jodhpur in the near future, make sure you have generous time for Mehrangarh Fort. Either visit it in the morning or in the evening around 4 o’clock, so that you don’t have to rush like me!

And enjoy a cup of coffee at Palki!


  1. Wow, spectacular post at Palki Café narrated beautifully!

  2. Indeed a interesting informative post. I got nice information when i found your blog.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Ah! What to say about Jodhpur and Mehrangarh Fort as Jodhpur is my hometown.
    I had been to Palki Cafe and you had narrated nicely.

  4. Great will see it for sure when ever i visit the place :)

    1. Yes, do spend some time at the cafe :)

  5. i love such quaint cafes, I had the most amazing time at anokhi organic cafe at Jaipur...the food was yumm there and loved the ambiance!!

  6. i never seen palki cafe jodhpu,but i will be try to go there 1 time,your article really informative,Thanks for post this 1


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