Monday, 21 October 2013

5 Tips For A Better Holiday In Jaisalmer

My last post Thar Desert – A Safari To Remember was about my thrilling solo expedition in the desert. Now I would like to share with you certain things, which will enhance your travel experience in Jaisalmer and the desert.
To begin with, I had a great trip in Jaisalmer. Well, my great experience has got less to do with the money part and more to do with the destination and the people I met.

Like any trip, I had some hits and some misses. I want to share both good and not-so-good experiences with you, so that you can possibly have a ‘perfect holiday’ in Jaisalmer.

Without much ado, here they are –

Stay at a hotel in the Jaisalmer Fort

This is the lane within the fort 
This was the number one reason behind my beautiful trip. Had I stayed somewhere else other than the fort, I don’t think my experience would have been so wonderful. There are many hotels, guest houses, restaurants and shops built within the fort.

Besides, there are ancient temples and a palace-turned-museum for admirers of history and architecture. The most charming part is that there is a line-up of people’s homes, which allows a tourist to have a glimpse into the daily lives of the inhabitants.

Compare prices before booking a desert safari

If your trip is a short one like mine, you would not have much of a choice. But in any case, the ideal thing to do would be to talk to at least three to four safari package dealers before booking. In my case, I just opted for the one that my hotel manager offered me. However, I did a research on safari prices later and I realized that I was overcharged.

So do your research in advance and make sure you get the best travel deal.

Don’t keep your trip too short

Desert resort

Yes, this is important. Keep at least three days for Jaisalmer. Desert Safari is an experience of a lifetime, so don’t let it go in a blink of an eye. Choose an overnight safari in the desert and keep two separate days for Jaisalmer.

There is a lot to chew on in the rustic city. So don’t rush!

Take rest and sleep

Make sure you are fresh and fit to enjoy Jaisalmer. We usually get carried away on our vacations and don’t take enough rest. But it may have an adverse effect eventually and even ruin your holiday. It has happened to me. Although I had a great safari experience, I had a bad migraine by the end of the day. Everybody from the safari staff, my chauffeur to my fellow tourists got worried for me that day. I certainly don’t want to have a similar experience in future.

So it’s better to sleep and give our bodies time to recover.

Don’t go the touristy way

Tourists at the fort's museum

Jaisalmer is such a charming city in its totality that you don’t need to go touristy at all. I mean you don’t need to tick off hotspots on your list. Make the most of the city on the whole. There is no point in paying for a museum visit, while you have so much to marvel at in the alleys of the fort. And besides, they charge a whopping sum for your camera as well! I don’t think it’s worth it.

Simply soak in the atmosphere - talk to the locals, take a stroll and just chill out! Doing nothing is more worthwhile in Jaisalmer. You will agree with me after you arrive here.

Would you like to visit Jaisalmer? Do you have a question for me?


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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Bharati :)

  2. I spend three nights there! Memorable!!!
    Great tips Renuka!

    1. That's enviable, Indrani :) Thanks :)

  3. Great tips Renuka! When I was in Rajasthan, I only had time to visit Jaipur, so hopefully next time I'll be able to spend some time in Jaisalmer!

    1. Thanks Mark :) Yeah, the whole of Rajasthan is magical...and Jaisalmer is charming!

  4. Thank you for connecting with me on Twitter @tashastravel
    I had no idea where Jaisalmer was but thank you for directing me to it. Looks wonderful.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Tasha! I'm glad you found Jaisalmer nice. It is a wonderful destination. Thank you so much for your comment. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Welcome and thanks :) Plan a trip to Jaisalmer soon. :)


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