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Voyager Likes To Come Back Home

Voyager Likes To Come Back Home
I love to travel, but I also like to come back home. I know it’s hard to return to the same mundane life after a fun-filled holiday. It’s a usual feeling at the end of a holiday to wish for a longer stay at a destination. However, I always like the feeling of coming back home. I am the kind of traveler who needs a transit time before getting on to the next destination. I need to relax, slow down and then look forward to my next adventure. 
I like to anticipate where I am headed next…
I like to enjoy life in bits and pieces. I mean whenever I am returning from a trip, I already have dreams for my next destination. I look at life like a vast canvas where there are endless possibilities. So while I am returning from a trip, I am more joyous and content that I have already explored one beautiful portion of this amazing world. I have an assurance in my heart that it’s one of the many trips I am yet to take in my life – there are still so many places to see.
I like to cherish what I have experienced
I am rather excited when I come back from a trip. It’s another kind of excitement – it’s the joy of sharing experiences, photographs and interesting stories with friends and family. I really like the idea of cherishing what I have experienced as a traveler. Thus, I can’t be travelling without a break. It’s very important to return to routine to be able to savor the memories better. I like looking at my travel photographs and reminiscing the fun moments.
I like to dream…
I like to dream, hope and plan. Yes, I like to get intrigued about a place before I visit it. I am a dreamer. I like being fascinated about a place and then work towards the prospect of making it there. I don’t like things coming to me just like that. I like to work towards my goals. I like challenges. I don’t mind waiting for my dreams to come true. In fact, waiting or looking forward to something has its own romance.
I live like a traveler
I don’t let any travelling opportunity slip by. I know life is a big bundle of surprises and anything can come by any moment. So I keep myself awake and ready to grab what suits me. I really don’t feel the need to be on the road incessantly, because I live like a traveler. There is a sense of curiosity in me that keeps me motivated to explore life. I mean life in itself is a journey and we all are travelers. We all seek something or the other. So even when I am lounging at home, I have an inherent expectation to visit a new destination.
I like ‘homeyness
As much as I love to travel I like to be at home. I like the combination of comfort and adventure in my life. I am very sure that I can’t live all my life in one corner of the world. I like being away in the midst of an unfamiliar culture, lifestyle and people. But, I also like to come home and rest my head on that same old familiar pillow.
Well, this post was just an honest expression of the kind of traveler I am. There are so many travelers today who are constantly on the road – they have no permanent residences. I think it’s a unique way to live and it’s just awesome. If I get to live out of suitcases in the future, I will happily embrace it, but for now, I am content with the way my travels are rolling.

Like me, do you also like the feeling of coming back home after a trip or do you like to travel without a pause?

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