Tuesday, 8 April 2014

10 Tips To Prepare For An International Trip

International travel is tons of excitement for a travel buff. However, it’s not really a piece of cake. There is a lot that you need to do before you take off for that exotic destination of your dreams. If you want to get your visa on time, grab the best possible holiday package and the cheapest flight deal, you need to work towards it. Well, you may want to travel independently and not through a package, in which case, you need to be even more diligent with your research and preparation.
Here’s what you need to do –

Keep looking for flight deals

There are great flight deals offered by different travel websites these days. For instance, if you search for flights to London or any other destination, there are numerous options to consider. Don’t start looking for flight deals when you have to travel in the next 20 days. In order to get an affordable deal, start with your research way early, maybe a couple of months ahead of your tentative travel date.

Start your hotel search early and book in advance

It’s wise to look for good hotel deals online and compare prices. Yes, it’s extremely important to compare prices along with other aspects such as location, comfort and rating. Your early research will help you get the hotel of your choice and budget. Once you have found a suitable hotel, make an online booking.
Applying for the visa

Before you even apply for a visa, do research it thoroughly. Go on the VFS website of the country you want to visit and read about the visa requirements. I’d recommend applying for the visa on your own and not via an agent, because you may need to answer queries of the custom officer too. Thus, it’s better to do it independently and be aware of everything. Make sure that you include a cover letter in your visa application that should introduce you and state your purpose for the travel.

Plan ahead

Yes, it may sound very simple, but planning ahead saves you from a lot of hassle. You don’t want to go wrong when you are travelling abroad. You know that it’s going to take a lot away from your bank balance, so why not plan it properly and make the most of it. Refer point 1 and 2.

Managing funds

Of course, you have funds to travel, but managing it is important. Remember, you can never have enough to travel. It is definitely expensive. There are numerous unexpected expenses that occur spontaneously on a trip (especially international). Thus, you need to ensure that you put aside your travel funds in a separate bank account.
Research your destination

Most of the people don’t bother to read about their destination. But if they would, it could ease off a lot of things – language barrier, food and culture differences, and other stuff. If you have somebody to host you, nothing like it, but if you are visiting a new country on your own, better know it.

Make a rough itinerary

List down the places you want to visit and plan accordingly – figure out the distances and the modes of local transport. For instance, if you are visiting Sydney, plan in advance what all places you want to visit there and how you are going to make it work. Don’t travel at a loose end. Be sure about each and everything.

Make a check-list

Once you have your visa and the tickets, get going. Now is the most exciting part! Make a check-list of all the things you want to take along and keep ticking off as and when you pack each thing. Doing so will ensure that you don’t skip packing anything essential.

Consider taking travel insurance

You may think you wouldn’t need it, but take it. In case of an unforeseen situation abroad, you can rely on your travel insurance and come out of the difficulty with ease.
Take care and take it easy

Planning an international trip can be stressful, which can impact your health as well. Thus, make sure that the last 24 hours before the travel are easy and relaxed. Don’t keep rushing until the eleventh hour. Keep everything ready in advance and reach the airport in time, which is three hours before the departure time.

Have you got something to add that I have missed?


  1. You are making me nervous as that is all good advice and I am flying to Brunei this weekend (from Australia) and haven't done anything except checked about visas and bought the flights!! I think I need to write a list!

    1. Yup! It's good to be well prepared for an international trip. All the best, Sharon!

  2. Very useful. We are planning an international travel next month and can understand the pain it takes for the preparation.

    1. Yeah, true. All the best for your planning and travel!

  3. Hi Renuka… interesting blog! We share 3 things in common - our love for travel, photography and writing. :) hope to follow you on your travels. I write on http://off-the-map-mytravelogue.blogspot.in

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Chaitali :) Nice to have you on my blog!

  4. Great tips! I like that you mention insurance, too many people don't think about it, but if anything happens, you could end up paying the rest of your life. A small investment can give you peace of mind.

    1. Thanks! Yup, a small investment can give you peace of mind. Insurance is important even if we think it isn't.

  5. Very important tips!!
    Indeed, specially, These are very useful for first time international trip and solo traveler!
    Thanks for sharing
    my recent post.

  6. Useful tips. I am going on a family trip to Tokyo. Despite planning for so may trips already, still got the jitters.

    1. Yeah, I can understand. It happens, but planning ahead helps a great deal.


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