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How Did I Spend This Summer?

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September promises a lot of good times. In India, autumn is not just the time of beautiful weather, but it’s a crazy time of festivals, weddings and lots of shopping. The streets and shops are more vibrant, people are happier and children are perkier. Everything seems to be mellow, nice and beautiful. Well, before we slip into the gentle autumn, we have to go through the torrid summer. And, most Indians don’t enjoy summers. In my case, I find them better than winters.

The last three months have been quite substantial in terms of new travel experiences and learning. After I came back from Sikkim in June, I have been recreating my journeys on this blog.

Experiential Stays

On my last trip, I managed to stay at a couple of excellent places that had scope for me to experience culture, heritage and hospitality –

New Discoveries

The best part of my indefinite travel was that I got to discover a few interesting places by chance –

Blogs I enjoyed reading in the last quarter

Besides my own voyages and blogs, I kept myself pepped up by some other inspiring travel blogs –

It’s an interesting take on travel blogs – how they help travellers and travel bloggers.
Here a woman talks about the joy of travelling solo while she’s in a relationship.
It’s a post for die-hard foodies. The Rogan Josh served on our plates today is a beautiful blend of two distinctive versions of it.
It’s a beautiful post about a few important things that don’t just inspire a traveller, but any individual who desires to live a good life.
Women’s travel safety is a hot topic. I was surprised to know certain uncanny aspects to it.

So, how did you spend your summer? Where did you travel?

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