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Why I’m Not Blogging?

Why I’m Not Blogging?
I have apparently been away from blogging and social media for quite a while now. I miss being at it vehemently. I miss the magic. I really want to get back to my ‘real’ self. I want to express my thoughts, share my experiences and inspire people the way I have been doing for the past three years. But, I don’t know what’s happening to me. I feel like something is slipping away from my hands.
Blogging is hard work. I mean serious blogging is serious hard work. I realise that my blog and my social media presence are at a certain level and I can bounce back quite quickly. I don’t really have to worry too much about numbers or rankings. I have never thought on those lines anyway. But, what really pinches me is my own lack of discipline as a blogger. I don’t want to be resting on my laurels. I want to keep getting better at what I’m doing.
So why I’m not blogging?
Though I don’t have a particular answer to this question, I’d just say that there’s a lot happening in my life at the moment. But, I’m not putting it here as an excuse for not blogging. I know that my blog is my dream, which I have created on my own. I have to keep nurturing it. So, whatsoever it is – writer’s block, lack of focus or anything else, I have to get back to blogging.
Yes, even travel has taken a backseat in my life for now. I had to cancel my Ladakh trip due to some personal reasons. I don’t foresee funds for any travel plan to materialise in the next couple of months. I’m kind of laying low. I have to get back to doing what I’m supposed to be doing.
Dear readers, I need your support.
My readers are my backbone. It gives me immense joy when I receive messages and emails from my readers thanking me for inspiring them. There’s nothing more valuable to me than the words of praise and encouragement from the people whom I have never met. That’s why I miss my ‘real’ self – the one who always has some idea or the other taking shape inside her mind.
I hope to get over this ‘not-so-happening’ phase of my blogging life and start churning out great, inspiring and invigorating blog posts. The purpose of writing this self-critical post was to share my honest self with my readers. Honesty is the essence of my blog. I want to be truthful to my audience. I don’t want to pretend to be doing fine when I’m struggling with something. I think I have formed a relationship with my readers and it’s my responsibility to let them know if I’m going through something.
So, bear with me as I bounce back. In the meantime, do let me know what you want to read about. I would like to write something that’s fresh and helpful.
I’m aware that this lull will be over soon. I’ll be back to where I belong.
Do you have a tip for me that would rekindle the blogger in me?    
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