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Know More About London’s World-Class Gatwick Airport

As much as travel brings many experiences worth a lifetime, it also requires tons of patience and a handful of knowledge – especially when passing through different international airports. You can easily feel overwhelmed in the size of these establishments if you travel unprepared. Wanderers, like yours, have a lot of dream destinations on your bucket list. But to turn this fantasy into reality, it’s always best to save, plan ahead, and know more about the city you’re visiting. Take London, for example. 

Image courtesy: Gatwick’s official FB page

Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport is the second largest in the United Kingdom and the world’s most efficient single runway. The landing field accommodates a mixture of scheduled, low-cost, and charter airlines. Inside, the North and South Terminal have a combined 27,298 square metres where multi national retail facilities are housed, giving you plenty of options for shopping and leisure. There are even fast rail links from Gatwick to central London (below) that will only take you about 30 minutes to reach the heart of the city. 

Easy parking
Parking was once a major problem at Gatwick, as the massive volume of travellers tends to occupy almost all slots. To alleviate this, the company invested £17 million to build North Terminal’s multi-storey car park with a premium area. UK-based parking aggregator, Parking4Less, cites the terminal’s options namely long stay and summer special parking. There’s also the South Terminal’s long stay and long stay plus. The website also highlights an award-winning short stay parking feature that’s conveniently situated between the two aforementioned terminals. 

Now that you know the ins and outs of a major airport such as Gatwick, you can start and end your trip on a right note. According to London & Partners, London enjoyed a record-breaking year in 2014 as it attracted 17.4 million tourists – a 3.5% spike from the previous year’s 16.8 million. This statistic is just a simple proof of the city’s charm, as well as its overall efficiency. 

Image courtesy: Gatwick’s official FB page

Lots of free sightseeing places in London
Aside from the usual tour at the London Eye, Tower of London, and Madame Tussauds, the city offers a lot of free sightseeing attractions. You can take an afternoon stroll amidst the beauty of picturesque green areas such as Hyde Park, St. James Park, and Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill. When it comes to supplementing your social media accounts with gorgeous photos, there are the likes of Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, which you should capture from the South Bank. In addition, if New York City has Times Square, then London presents Piccadilly Circus, where neon-lit advertisements light up the area. Furthermore, you can head on to Abbey Road, and take an obligatory picture along the same zebra crossing where the Beatles’ iconic 11th studio album cover was shot. 

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To sum everything up, you can easily visit London’s different sites around thanks to a fantastic public transportation system, see a sophisticated culture that are Instagram worthy, and feel a wonderful vibe all throughout. You can even credit a world-class international airport like London Gatwick for the city’s boom in tourism.

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Have you experienced Gatwick Airport? What did you like about it?

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  1. anything is better than Heathrow, right? It looks pretty state of the art!

    1. Well, I'm yet to visit it. I'm sure it's good.


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