Monday, 27 June 2016

Why Fly With Air Arabia?

Air Arabia is your low-cost airline that connects you to 34 countries, covering over 100 airports, offering the most comprehensive connectivity across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe.

The idea of flying with Air Arabia is inviting because of its obvious no-frills image. It’s great to fly over to your destination without much ado. If you ask me, I liked my journey on Air Arabia because of the following reasons –

It’s low-cost.
You can enjoy a peaceful journey on Air Arabia without hurting your pocket much. I mean there’s nothing better than grabbing a low-fare deal on a flight and get all the required comforts. Air Arabia promises to do that for you on every booking!

It has got the middle-eastern feel.
I particularly liked Air Arabia for its middle-eastern feel. The dash of culture, the adab and the tehzeeb added to the experience of visiting Jordan.

They serve nice and hot meals.
The idea of travelling in the wee hours is not so inviting. I remember I had a mild headache while I was waiting to board my flight to Amman. But, as soon as I got on the plane and settled on my seat, I was at ease. The hot meal that was served played a great part in subduing my headache and putting me to sleep.

The staff is hospitable and friendly.
Hospitality is so important to a great travel experience. Air Arabia ensures that you are treated nicely and your flight is memorable.

I thank Air Arabia for hosting me and making me experience the amazing middle-eastern world.

Have you had a chance of flying with Air Arabia? How was your experience?

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  1. Interesting - I never realised its a low cost airline. Always assumed it must be expensive. Must check it out!

  2. I have not travelled in Air arabia... will keep that in mind :)

  3. I loved Air Arabia when I flew with the recently to Faisalabad in Pakistan. No muss, no fuss! I had to solve an issue with their ticketing section, and they were extremely helpful. As for service, "it does what it says on the box" so to speak - sure, it's a discount carrier, but for the short hops around the Middle East and South Asia it's easy, cheap and simple. What more could I ask for?

    1. Exactly! I'm glad to know that you too enjoyed your air arabia flight.

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