Monday, 4 July 2016

Why ASUS ZenFone Max Is A Great Travel Companion?

Travel has just got more fun with my new ZenFone Max from ASUS. Now whether I’m stuck in a traffic jam or waiting for my food in a restaurant, I have ZenFone Max to keep me company. I guess it’s designed perfectly for a solo traveler like me.

Here’s a quick look at what ZenFone Max does for me –

It inspires the reader in me.
Though I’m not much of a reader, I love reading stuff on ZenFone Max. The big screen, its enhanced picture quality and smashing look and feel make me want to read whenever I have time to kill.

Its mobile data switches off automatically in the night.
Yes, I don’t have to bother about switching off my mobile data when I don’t need it because ZenFone Max does that on its own. Of course, I can keep it on if I want to. I particularly like this feature a lot, as it helps me use data when I really need it.

It has amazing camera.
Do I even need to mention that ZenFone Max amazes you with its pictures? It comes handy when I have to take those quick shots. I don’t have to try too hard for focus and other technical stuff, because my phone makes my job so cushy!

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