Tuesday, 23 August 2016

5 Tips On Scoring Good Flight/Hotel Deals

Travel is not just for the rich. Yes, you can travel even if you don’t make oodles of money. If I can, so can you! After travelling for so many years, I can confidently say that to be able to travel, you need to have the willingness to do it. I believe if you got to do something you got to do it, right?

So, let’s talk about how you can score good flight and hotel deals while you are planning to take a trip –

Keep your travel dates flexible.
Yes, of course, you want to travel when you have a festival or a special occasion around the corner. There could be several factors that make you decide on a particular time to take a vacation. But, as long as you can keep your travel dates flexible, you are more likely to grab good deals on flights. Keep an eye on air fares, such as Pune to Chennai flights and book your tickets as soon as you spot a lucrative deal.

Also, it’s good to be open to travelling in the off season. Try to travel when tourists are scarce in a place, so that you can extract better experiences out of your trip.

Do a lot of research.
There isn’t lack of good deals if only you knew the key to them – the key is a ‘good research’. A good research will not just save you money, but time and energy as well. Start looking out for hotels as early as possible. For example, search Kodaikanal hotels on various sites to be able to compare prices and amenities of different places to stay.

Go beyond the touristic terrain.
I have experienced that whenever I try to search hotels in a touristic area of a place, the prices are usually high and the accommodation is not that great. On the other hand, when I have looked for places to stay beyond the touristic circle, the accommodation is more inviting and even the prices are lower. Go for offbeat stay options, such as home stays and guest houses run by the locals, apartments, etc.

Book through a hotel booking site for lower rates on rooms.
Always check room rates on a hotel booking site first. You are likely to get better rates on a hotel booking site than on the property site. So, compare the room rates before booking your stay.

Go for combo deals.
There are excellent combo deals on flights and hotels, which you can take advantage of. Although I’m more of a ‘plan and book each thing separately’ kind of traveller, I’d still recommend taking up combo deals. The idea is to research, compare and book the best deal possible. So, if you are looking for good deals on both flight and hotel, it’s better to book them together and score some discount.  

Do YOU have a tip to share that saves you money on flights and hotels?
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  1. Replies
    1. Hope they help you in your travel planning.

  2. Good tips....
    That is what I usually do - book through a hotel booking sites.

  3. Useful tips Renuka! Going to try some of these out next time!

  4. good tips Renuka! oh the hours I spend looking for better flight deals! :)

    1. Thanks Andrew! Yeah, I do the same, but then patience pays off. :-)

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  6. Very helpful post.Thank you so much for sharing this.


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