Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Olaulim - A Secret Of Goa

Can you really imagine ‘Goa’ without beaches? I know it’s hard for some people to even picture Goa without its coastal side. But, let me tell you the truth – Goa has plenty of natural treasures that are still hidden. Fortunately, I was able to unravel one such haven of lush beauty – Olaulim, a small village in North Goa.

My ‘monsoon’ trip to Goa was long due, so when I checked in at Olaulim Backyards last weekend, my curiosity for a Goan monsoon was quenched to the brim.

Why Olaulim Backyards is a perfect stay in Goa?

Well, if you want to stay in the midst of trees, walk on the grass, bathe in the river and savour fresh home-grown fruits for breakfast, Olaulim Backyards is your home in Goa!

Olaulim Backyards is a home stay run by a couple called Pirkko and Savio, who don’t just open their home for their guests but their hearts, too. They are exceptionally warm hosts with two kids, four dogs, three cats, a goat and a donkey. Yes, it’s a sweet little family to take care of you while you stay with them.

It’s your ‘do-nothing’ time.
Brush aside the itineraries and those check-lists while you stay at Olaulim Backyards. Just be lazy and laidback. Simply sit and gaze. Take a dip in the pool or read a book by the riverside.   
Enjoy the nothingness.

So yes, Olaulim Backyards was totally my kind of a place. I didn’t have to think or plan anything. I just enjoyed being.

Conversations with Pirkko and Savio.
As I mentioned earlier, Pirkko and Savio are great hosts. They do their best to make each guest feel at home. It was wonderful talking to them at the dining table and the bar. They unleash a great deal of history about Goa, which is interesting. You would learn a lot more on Goa from Savio than from a guide book. Also, Pirkko is a sweet lady who extends a lot of love to her guests. You can talk to her about anything and she would be your best buddy in no time.

The delicious prawns and the beef dish.
Though I had been to Goa quite a few times, I had never tasted the real Goan cuisine until I checked in at Olaulim Backyards. From the local bread Poi to Goan-style chicken curry, I got to relish some amazing dishes. But, the star dish was the Beef curry, which was so tender and delectable. The flavours were so balanced and nice. And of course, the prawns were so fresh and succulent.    

Party time in the evenings.
A sprinkling of music and Feni completes the experience of being in Goa, right? It was my first taste of Feni, the Goan spirit, which is made with either cashew or toddy palm. Though I don’t really drink, I loved the experience of having a Feni.

Enjoy the open showers and get close to nature.
The cottages and the bathrooms have been given a nature-driven theme too, to match the feel of the entire property. Each room has a portico or a balcony for you to lounge and take in the lushness. But, the most fun part is the open shower attached to your room, which gives you a feeling of being in a forest.

So, it’s a true rendezvous with nature!

Top 5 highlights of staying at Olaulim backyards (in no particular order) –

·       - It’s a river facing home stay in Goa, which allows you to enjoy many activities – swimming, kayaking, canoeing and boating.
·         - Olaulim Backyards has a swimming pool, too. So yes, it’s a favourite place for water babies.
·         - The hosts are excellent. Their hospitality just adds to the pleasure of staying at such a beautiful place.
·         - The food is delicious. It’s home-cooked, simple and the ingredients used are locally produced.
·         - Olaulim is a picturesque village, which you can explore on foot or on a bike.

Practical Information – Olaulim Backyards is located 11 km from Panjim and 42 km from the airport. To book a room at Olaulim Backyards, click here.

Note: I was hosted by Olaulim Backyards. But, as always, all opinions are my own.

Where has been your favourite stay so far?
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  1. its so green! looks like a wonderful place!

    1. Yes, it is! I'm sure you will love Olaulim Backyards if you are ever in Goa.

  2. For me, Goa has always been about the beaches. But this place looks like so nice. Maybe I will skip the beaches nest time.

    1. Yep, you should! Goa without beaches is so serene and beautiful. You must check out Olaulim Backyards for your stay in Goa.

  3. Wow, beautiful experience Renuka. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yeah, Olaulim was perfect! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :-)

  4. Great post. This is something different about Goa. Nice pictures as well. Enjoyed reading :-)

    1. Thanks Rajiv :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, Goa is different indeed.

  5. There is definitely more to Goa than its beaches and shacks. Glad to know about Olaulim.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. Olaulim is a real gem of Goa.


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