Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Top 5 Places In Indonesia I’d Like To Explore

Although I didn’t mention Southeast Asia on my travel bucket-list, I find Indonesia absolutely stunning. There’s something unusual about Indonesia that evokes my wanderlust. The amazing volcanic islands, idyllic beaches, tropical forests and diverse ethnic groups make me want to visit Indonesia. Besides, I have a feeling that Indonesia is an easy-going country, and it's somewhat like India.  

Since I’m done with most of my travels this year, I’m looking out for new destinations for the next year. If I get a chance, I’d love to explore Indonesia –


I just happened to see a few glimpses of Bogor on Television recently, and I found it beautiful. Later, I got to read about it, which just built up my curiosity. From what I have read about Bogor, it seems to be a charming place despite the crazy traffic and the chaos. I believe it's a kind of place that takes time to grow on a visitor, and I love such places.

There’s quite a lot that one can do in Bogor – history and culture to admire in the old monuments - the Bogor Palace, the Cathedral and Masjid Harakatul Jannah to name a few, trendy cafes and restaurants at Taman Kencana Street, the very famous Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Gardens) and some delicious Indonesian cuisines at Suryakencana Street Food. Besides, the locals of Bogor are quite friendly, which should add to the joy of exploring.

Bogor is certainly not a destination that you can explore in just a day. To soak in its true essence, you need to plan a stay of at least 2-3 days, or more. Thus, it’s important to pick a nice place to stay – Hotel Aston Bogor.

Well, it’s always helpful to do a good research on accommodation before a trip. has some great options.

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Of course, I have to visit Bali. To be honest, I don’t really know much about Bali, but I want to visit it for its sheer island beauty. Whatever I have seen of Bali, so far, has left me awestruck. I’d like to spend a carefree, laze-around kind of a holiday in Bali.

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I’d like to visit Lombok because it’s lesser-known and absolutely gorgeous. Who can resist its white-sand beaches, lush forests and fascinating hiking trails? I have heard you get to pass through scenic tobacco and rice fields. I’m sure it’s going to be my kind of a place.


Yogyakarta is on my wish-list for its old sights and attractions, great gastronomy and culture. I’d love to wander its main street and the narrow lanes to snap photos of pretty street arts, puppet makers, silversmiths and the interesting food vendors.

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Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo looks magnificent. I don’t think I’d miss it if I’m ever in Indonesia. It would be a totally different experience to witness an active volcano. Besides, Mount Bromo is a fantastic place for landscape photography. I can’t wait to capture the rising sun and the entire landscape bathed in its mellow light.

What about you? Which place has intrigued you recently?

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  1. Beautiful list and quite off-beat I must say (my favorite kind!). I haven't heard about any one of these except Bali :) Looking forward to your stories from these stunning places!

    1. Even I didn't know any of these places except for Bali. But I guess Indonesia is quite interesting.

  2. Nice post Renuka and fantastic photos!

  3. Bali done, need to visit rest of Indonesia

  4. I've been to Indonesia, and I can certify that it is like India in the ways your mentioned, and it's simply breathtaking. Bali and Mt Bromo were highlights for me - and I also went to Padang and a small village near Padang that it famous for its cuisine - totally worth it <3 I hope you get to travel to Indonesia soon - I'm sure you'll love it!

    1. Yes, I'm sure I will love the experience of being in Indonesia. Thanks for your insights! :-)

  5. Have been to Bali and it's beautiful. The rest are on my list too! Hope to do it soon.


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