Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Longing For Kerala…

I’m longing for a holiday in Kerala. Although I am on the lookout for new destinations, Kerala is one state that I want to revisit. I have been there only once and was totally smitten by it. I was fortunate to experience the lush beauty of Kerala during the monsoons, which added to the thrill of my voyage.

What really fascinates me about Kerala is that though Kerala Tourism is already thriving and popular, it is still exotic and fresh. There are so many hidden places that I can’t wait to explore.

I’m looking forward to the following experiences on my next Kerala expedition –

Stay overnight on a houseboat

On my first Kerala trip, I (along with my fellow travellers) did a day tour of the backwaters. We explored many small islands, learnt about the spices and other fruits, and lunched on the houseboat. It was a fabulous experience – perhaps one of my most beautiful days as a traveller. I’d like to go a step ahead and stay overnight on a houseboat on my next trip and spend an entire day just lazing around and doing absolutely nothing.   

Take Ayurvedic Spa

I’d like to stay at one of the spa resorts in Kerala, and take a nice, relaxing Ayurvedic Spa treatment. I’m sure an authentic Ayurvedic Spa experience would be different from the spa experiences that we have in the big cities.  

Image source: The Zuri Hotels

Devour Kerala’s traditional cuisines

One of my most delightful food experiences was on the houseboat. I loved the platter of rice, sambhar, different veggies and chutney that they served. Although I’m not a fan of South Indian cuisine, I simply can’t forget what I ate in Kerala. So, on my next visit, trying out different traditional Kerala dishes has to be my priority. 

Wander through Fort Kochi

Though I have been to Kochi, I couldn’t make it to Fort Kochi. But, I have seen its pictures and I find it absolutely amazing. I’m excited to explore its old synagogues, churches, temples and other historic attractions, and capture its charm through my lens. 

Image source: Flickr

Discover a few deserted villages

Yes, exploring a few villages of Kerala would be my most favourite thing to do. I’m a rural traveller totally. So, I’d like to take the bucolic path and discover Kerala’s unsung villages – talk to the locals, learn about their lives and take some great pictures.

Where are you longing to go this Christmas and New Year?
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  1. Yes, Kerala Tourism is doing good, and there is a rapid increase of tourists down south.
    I always advice people who take the house boat to engage it for 4 or max 6 hrs. Taking it overnight is a waste of money and time.
    You should visit this place at Kumbalanghi.

    1. Umm...well, to each his own.I'd still like to stay overnight on a houseboat even if it's a waste of time. :-)

  2. I too am a fan of God's own country.. your post makes me crave for it more..

  3. Kerala is such a beautiful place , you could just keep revisiting again and again without getting bored :)

    1. Right! Can't wait to pack my bags and head to Kerala.

  4. Kerala is such a delightful place , you could simply continue returning to and again without getting exhausted :)

  5. I too am God's very own devotee nation.. your post makes me long for it more..

  6. Love love love this post. I was only in Kerala for 3 days, and it really wasn't enough... your pictures make me long for it too! I loved sitting by the water in Kochi, watching the sun set behind those giant "Chinese fishing nets". One of the most peaceful and relaxing moments of my life - almost spiritual <3

    1. Great to hear that, Tim! Kerala is truly divine.

  7. Here's a little behind the scenes info on this truly divine place you love so much:

  8. In addition, the captivating coastline and ocean shores are the finest attractions of Kerala.
    kerala tours


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