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6 Best Things About My Year: 2016

It’s always fun to rewind the year gone by. I’m so, so excited to talk about 2016, as it has been a fabulous year for me. After I got married last December, I moved to Mumbai in January. So, I started travelling right in the beginning of the year. What makes me happy about 2016 is that I didn’t plan most of my travels, yet I travelled quite a lot! I relied heavily on what came my way, except for Arunachal Pradesh, which I did on my own.

My different strokes :-)

2016 was an epic year for me in many ways. Besides my travels, I have been on a roll as a blogger, and it has been a year of personal growth as well. I believe travel has helped me in the new phase of my life, too. It has enriched me as a person – I’m more tolerant of people, more respectful of life, and I have learnt to hold on to what is good. Marriage and domesticity have changed my life completely. Besides my journeys on the road, 2016 took me through a lot of new experiences. It is interesting how being with a person can unveil so many varied aspects of life.

But, I’m still a traveller, and I will be a traveller all my life.  

So why was 2016 an epic year for me?

I got to tick off two of my bucket-list countries.

Italy - Venice and Puglia (Southern Italy)
Jordan - at the Dead Sea

I think the best part about 2016 was that I travelled to Italy and Jordan – two international destinations in one year. I mean for me, it’s a big deal! I’m happy like a child.

Italy was so special. Everything about the trip was so exciting – it was my first international holiday with my husband, my foray into Europe, the experience of emirates airlines, the charms of Venice, the offbeat Puglia (Southern Italy) and the delectable Italian food.

I got back to living in Mumbai.

Noshing through Mumbai's street food.

I had sojourned in Mumbai for a few months in 2013, which gave me a chance to experience it like a local. Later, I moved to Hyderabad to stay with my family. And, now I’m back to Mumbai again.

The best thing that I have done in Mumbai after returning is, taste its street food and various cuisines. The credit goes to my husband, who plays my guide and makes me experience the culinary side of Mumbai.   

I reviewed a couple of beautiful properties in India.

Doing nothing at Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan.
Taking in the beauty of Olaulim Backyards, Goa.

I love experiential stays. I like to stay at places that have some character and charm. Fortunately, this year, I got to stay at a couple of unique properties in India – Lakshman Sagar in Pali, Rajasthan and Olaulim Backyards in Goa.

Lakshman Sagar is a blend of heritage, rusticity and luxury, while Olaulim Backyards is an abode of lushness and wild natural beauty.

I got back to travelling alone with Arunachal Pradesh.

Mingling with the Monpas, Arunachal Pradesh

I hadn’t travelled alone for a while until Arunachal Pradesh happened. It was my long-due trip. Thus, it was important. Plus, I was foraying into the ‘seven-sister’ Northeast India. My travel in Arunachal Pradesh added a lot to my year – I discovered some unique villages, tribes and cultures, tasted a different cuisine and got to stay with a Monpa family. But, I also remember my Arunachal trip for the challenges and the wee hours. I changed four planes to reach Lilabari (Assam) from where I took a taxi to reach Ziro Valley (Arunachal).     

I’d also like to acknowledge the hospitality of the Air India staff on my flight from Kolkata to Lilabari. The air hostess offered me some extra snacks for my onward journey. It was sweet. 
I got to unravel the hidden beauty of Chhattisgarh – my new home state.

Soaking in the quiet beauty of Devpahari, Chhattisgarh

I belong to the mountains of Uttarakhand. I have lived a decade in Lucknow, and another in Delhi. I have experienced Hyderabad as a local, and now I’m in Mumbai. I love my ‘nomadic’ life. I can’t really call any one state or city my own. I am proud to have lived in so many different parts of India.

Chhattisgarh, my husband’s home state, is now my new home state. I get a chance to travel there quite often. I have explored a little bit of the state, but there’s a lot to be discovered.

I have been on a roll as a travel blogger.

Enjoying the high as a travel blogger.

I was happy to be featured by quite a few eminent publications and websites as one of the top travel bloggers. The Hindu, Makemytrip, Thrillophilia, and CreditDonkey acknowledged me for my solo travels and blogging. It always feels good to be appreciated for what I enjoy doing.

So, that was my 2016.

What was the best thing about your 2016? Share away!
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  1. well.its getting better with time, very captivating wish you all the best for 17

  2. You did have a wonderful year. Wishing you all the joy in the new year !

  3. Wow! That's an incredible year and glad you had the success you deserved. Wishing you much more in 2017.

  4. You seem to have had a wonderful 2016! Loved the post and the pictures. Hope you travel to your heart's content in 2017 too :)

  5. Nice to see sweetie that you've made it to Venice and Puglia. I always wanted to see Venice and you really made me feel like going there now!! :)

    1. I hope you get there soon, Agness! Happy New year!

  6. What a year it's been!! Happy New Year, it's been great connecting through the blog and online, and here's hoping 2017 is even bigger and better! :D

    1. I hope so, too! Thanks so much, and happy new year to you!


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