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Where Should YOU Travel In 2017?

I often get asked where I am going next. Well, I have answered that in my last post. If you are wondering where YOU should be going next, this post is for you. I keep receiving emails asking where to go for solo travel, couple travel and all sorts of travels. So, here I am with cool destinations for you to explore in 2017.

While it’s fun to travel, it can be challenging and exasperating at times. In order to avoid the challenges on the road, you must be well-researched and well-planned about each and every aspect of your trip – accommodation, food, transport, sightseeing and insurance. 

Where should you go solo?

My top 5 recommendations in India – Kutch, Hampi, Mechuka, Kashmir and offbeat places of Rajasthan

Kutch (Gujarat) is my top favourite when it comes to solo travel. It is so huge and so unique. And yes, it’s safe and comfy in terms of commuting.


Hampi (Karnataka) is an absolute stunner. Go there for carefree afternoons, charming rural atmosphere, lots of heritage, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Hampi is a place where you wouldn’t miss anybody’s company.


Mechuka is a dream portion of Arunachal Pradesh. Though I haven’t been there, it’s one place I’d want to go on my next Northeast expedition.

Kashmir is a solo traveller’s paradise. The people welcome you with open arms. Take the aggressiveness of tourist touts in your stride, connect more with the locals and you will love your solo sojourn in Kashmir, ‘the heaven on earth’.


Rajasthan is, any day, a perfect destination for solo explorers. But, skip the beaten path and head to the lesser-known regions to be rewarded with some rare experiences.

My top 5 recommendations abroad – Southern Italy, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Croatia and Tasmania

If you are contemplating on travelling alone overseas, Southern Italy is the first destination that I’d like to mention. It’s scenic, peaceful and charismatic. Plus, it’s not so touristic.

Southern Italy

Slovenia is a not-so-popular country of Europe. It is absolutely beautiful and not as expensive as other more popular European countries. It would be a great option for solo travel.

Sri Lanka is beautiful and interesting with friendly locals.

Croatia is another lesser-known, yet beautiful country of Europe.

Image sources: Tasmania, Slovenia & Croatia

You should also consider Tasmania, one of the most beautiful regions of Australia, as your solo travel destination. It is so full of character and wild beauty.

Where should you go as a couple?

My top 5 recommendations in India – Hampi, Lakshadweep Islands, Coastal Karnataka, Shillong and Thar Desert

I’d pick Hampi for a romantic holiday, too. It’s a place to just be. You don’t have to have an agenda on mind. Just succumb to the magic of Hampi, and each other.

Lakshadweep Islands, I believe, is the perfect gift of time that you can give to your partner. So, think about it this year.

Coastal Karnataka

Coastal Karnataka is one of the most picturesque places in South India. You will love being with your ‘love’ in the solitude of unspoiled beaches and bucolic beauty.

Shillong (Meghalaya) is an ideal blend of hilly beauty and the metropolitan buzz.

Thar Desert is your blissful romantic escape with just the desert and the sky for company.

Thar Desert

My top 5 recommendations abroad – Morocco, Scotland, Countryside of France, Istanbul and Krabi Island

I think Morocco is so appealing – the desert, the souks, the alleyways and the people. There’s definitely a romantic quotient to it.

I associate Scotland with mature romance. Perhaps there’s some whisky connection in my mind. I think Scotland is a great destination to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. What do you say?

Paris is known to strike love in the hearts, but I’d recommend the hidden villages of France for a romantic getaway. That would be something different.

Istanbul would be romance with a hint of mystery. Besides there are so many things that you can do together – wandering the streets and markets, soaking in the history, watching the sunsets and noshing through the bars and restaurants.

Krabi Island (Thailand) is just so gorgeous. It’s a perfect escape for honeymooners.

Images sources: France, Istanbul, Morocco & Scotland

Where should you go as a family?  

My top 5 recommendations in India – Goa, Kerala, Kodaikanal, Himachal Pradesh and Dandeli

Well Goa is an obvious choice, but it is always fresh and exciting. Take your family on a jungle safari or a secluded island tour.


Kerala has so much for your family to enjoy together – backwaters, beaches, tea gardens, heritage and food.

Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu) has many beautiful hotels/resorts for a relaxed stay in the midst of picturesque surroundings. Besides you can go for hiking and other nature trails together. 
Skip the hackneyed destinations like Shimla and Manali to explore the hidden places of Himachal Pradesh (North India). Your family would thank you for taking them on an offbeat ‘Himachal’ adventure – Tirthan valley, Gushaini and the Great Himalayan National Park.


Dandeli (North Karnataka) is a destination for those who crave nature and some free-spirited adventure.

My top 5 recommendations abroad – Australia, Florida, the UK, Denmark and New Zealand

In my opinion, Australia is the best family holiday destination in the world. Whether it’s the love for the Kangaroos and Koalas or the many water sports, Australia is a haven of wildlife adventure and outdoor fun. 

Florida makes a fun family holiday with Walt Disney World, museums and parks, and a plethora of outdoor activities due to its waterfront.
Image sources: London, Denmark, Florida & New Zealand

London (the UK) is always a great family destination with adventure playgrounds, parks, museums and shopping options.

Denmark is a relaxed, peaceful and a free-spirited ‘explore-it-on-a-bike’ kind of country.

New Zealand is known for adventure and outdoor fun. It has to be on your list if you are considering taking a family holiday.

You can also check out top budget destinations for 2017 recommended by Forbes and Lonely Planet.

Hope you found my recommendations helpful. If you have a destination (or destinations) to recommend, please share it in the comments!
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    1. Welcome, Tim! Yes, I had to put a lot of thought to create this comprehensive list of destinations to visit in 2017.

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