Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Venice – The City Of Love (In 30 Photos)

Love, if it could be personified, it has to be Venice and only Venice. The cliched idea that it’s one of the most romantic cities in the world is absolutely true. Yes, Venice is soaked in romance – every nook and cranny of it. I’m fortunate to have experienced it with my husband. I’m happy that I didn’t care for what the naysayers have got to say about it. No, the canals don’t smell bad (not anymore, if they ever did). I think Venice is a must-visit place for the sheer poetry it exudes.

It rains 'romance' in Venice.
If you are someone who appreciates art, architecture and history, Venice is a treasure for your inquisitive soul. It is, indeed, an open-air museum. But, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for your eyes beyond the historic sites. While the rundown walls of the old buildings whisper sweet nothings of the past, Venice is very much urbane and trendy. So, take in the romance!
Now that gondola ride is true to its hype - slow and romantic. Who doesn't want time to cease when romance is in the air?
The hues of time.
The unfading beauty of the canals.
Hot tip: The best time to visit Venice is during February to March when it's relatively less crowded.  
Choose to dine at a ristorante by the canal.
This is one of the most photographed sites in Venice. 
St Mark's Basilica at Piazza San Marco.
Two's company.
Even the water taxis are a good way to see around.
That's how the city looks - serene, quiet and poetic.
Roaming around is the best thing to do in Venice.
Venice is a secret conversation of the old buildings, the canals and the gondolas.
Grand canal - the main site from where you can catch an overview of the city.
That's how time ceases in Venice.
The vintage nuances of Venice wait to greet you in every alleyway. 
The city has so much of character, so much of magic and charm that it's hard to soak all up in one visit. 
There are so many interesting bridges along the way that make you stop and wonder...
Even the birds squeak love in Venice.
The balconies from the dream era.
A hint of spring - now who wouldn't want to walk those streets?
A square in Venice.
San Giorgio Maggiore - one of the islands of Venice.
Santa Maria della Salute
Leonardo da vinci museum
The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore.
A cute florist shop in Venice.
Shopping on gondola? Not a bad idea!
The Venice Certosa Hotel, located on Certosa Island, is one of the best places to stay in Venice if you are looking for a romantic, 'away from the crowd' time with your sweetheart.  
That's me looking at the Grand Canal, while 'my love' takes the picture. :-)

Did you enjoy Venice through my eyes? What's YOUR favorite romantic city in the world?
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  1. Lovely photos! Enjoyed the post very much, Renuka. Thanks!

    1. Welcome, Moon! Venice is a delight for a photographer, traveler, writer, poet, dreamer...I'm glad I could bring a bit of it through my pictures.

  2. Amazingly beautiful captures.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Welcome Sapna! Capturing Venice was easy. It's so poetic.

  3. Lovely photos. I need to go back to Venice. I did not like my first visit there. Was too touristy in my opinion.

    1. Yep, that's why I mentioned that the best time to visit is Feb-March. I hope you enjoy your second trip to Italy. :-)

  4. Beautiful pics Renuka. Me and my husband have planned a trip to Italy this May and Venice is on our itinerary. My excitement has doubled after looking at your pics.

    1. Oh that's great, Saumya! I'm sure you will love Venice, and Italy on the whole. All the best for your trip! :-)

  5. Beautiful photos! I definitely need to visit Venice soon. :)

    1. Yes, please! I'm sure you will love Venice. :-)

  6. Awwww this is one part of Italy that I haven't seen, yet I'm dying to go to! You make it seem simply so beautiful :)

    1. Really!? :-) Oh! I thought you have been to Venice. It's a must visit for sure!

  7. such beautiful photographs Renuka!

  8. Wow! Venice is so beautiful! Looks like it was raining when you went?

    1. Yes, it rained for a while. I guess just to give me some nice shots. :-)

  9. Venice is indeed beautiful, no scratch that, I meant stunning. How are you not loving Venice? The beautiful water area, the canals and also the beautiful buildings and don't forget the gondola.Such a beautiful place to visit. Going around with water taxi and gondola is amazing too. I mean we basically just sit and let the taxi and gondola brings us the amazing view. But of course we can do cruise not only in Venice, we can explore more beautiful sites with amazing and unique boat as well. Check us out and you see what I mean by unique. Thank you!

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