Wednesday, 26 April 2017

9 Reasons Why My Itchy Feet Love Rajasthan

Rajasthan is my absolute favourite destination in India. There’s some undefined magic about it. The thought of penning this post birthed while I was going through some of my old photographs of Rajasthan – Udaipur, my first solo trip ever, the epic desert safari, the splendid Mehrangharh Fort, the countryside of Pali and so much more. Even the reminiscences brought so much of thrill to my veins.

Rajasthan is quite a huge state, and I’d say I have seen a very little of it. There’s so much to explore and experience in this fascinating state that I’ll have to take several trips to cover the length and breadth of it.

Here’s why my Facebook fans love Rajasthan and here's why I love it –

The aura of another world
Perhaps the first thing to love about Rajasthan is that it exudes so much of effortless royalty and mystic that it almost feels like another world. It’s about the feeling that you get when you are in Rajasthan that’s just so exclusive. No other place makes you feel the way Rajasthan does.

World-class hospitality of the locals
The Rajasthani folks know the knack of making their guests feel at home. I have always felt loved and honoured wherever I have travelled in Rajasthan. Had it not been their hospitality, I wouldn’t have been so encouraged to travel alone.

The hotels are so comfy
Although I always like to stay at home stays, I have enjoyed my hotel stays in Rajasthan a lot. Whether it’s Udaipur, Jodhpur or Jaisalmer, I have always got perks like free pick-ups (train stations/airports), WiFi and great care of the hotel staff.

I’d like to visit Jaipur this year (where I have never been) and stay at places like Jal Mahal Jaipur for a taste of royalty and Orchid Hotels for its pure blend of class and comfort.

It’s a photographer’s paradise
Yes, I’d like to use the word ‘paradise’ for Rajasthan when it comes to photography. There’s a variety of stuff to capture through your lens. Besides the obvious attractions like palaces, forts, temples and lakes, the ordinary stuff like the narrow alleys and the homes are also so intriguing. It’s like wherever you roam, you get something to hold your attention.

The slow life
I absolutely love the laid-back air of Rajasthan. I feel there’s no need to rush or tick off anything in Rajasthan. It’s a place where one should spend days without a return ticket. I haven’t done that yet, but would definitely like to.

The rusticity
If you have been reading my blog for a while, you should know that I love rural tourism. I like to explore the countryside of a place, and Rajasthan has tons of rustic charms. The best part is that the rusticity of Rajasthan is beautifully blended with its regality, which makes it even more mesmerising.

The ‘traveller-friendly’ atmosphere
Rajasthan has a certain festivity and fervour in the air. The ‘wanderlust’ vibe of travellers from all across the world rubs off on you. It’s fun to see people soak in the beauty of Rajasthan. It’s also an excellent chance to meet like-minded travellers, and know their perspectives on Rajasthan and travel in general.

It’s a place of beautiful sunrises and sunsets
Rajasthan is a place where you’d want to wake up early just to watch the first gleam of sunshine, and hear the temple bells, the morning market buzz and many little everyday nuances…and end the day with a glass of wine as the orange ball of fire hides behind the Aravallis.

It can never get hackneyed
Even though Rajasthan is a tourism giant, it still has an offbeat quality to it. Be it the experience of a desert safari, folk music and dance show or marvelling at the grandeur of a palace, there’s always something fresh to take in for a curious traveller.     

WHAT’S YOUR favourite thing about Rajasthan?

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  1. ahhh Rajasthan. Magnificent! Hopefully I can return someday soon!

    1. I hope you visit Rajasthan again, Andrew. What did you like the most about it? :-)

  2. Wow.. loved reading your post. The essence of Rajasthan beautifully captured.

    1. Thanks Durga! Glad to hear that :-)

  3. I love this post of yours with beautiful pictures Renuka! Happy to read about the state where I live. I can do nothing but agree with you that it's a photographer's paradise!


    1. Oh, you live in such a beautiful state! :-) Yes, Rajasthan is amazing!

  4. Its truly a delightful city...its has all the essences colour,culture, heritage and that kind gesture of people of Rajasthan is the best among all.

    1. Yes, Rajasthan is truly amazing!

  5. I love love love Rajasthan! It's almost love a whole different country to the rest of India! The culture is so distinct, the history so impressive, the legacy so beautiful.... ahhh! I hope I get to go back again one day soon! (and you too, of course!!)

    1. Yes..:-) I hope to bump into you in Rajasthan perhaps...:-)


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