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Top 10 Women Travel Bloggers I Follow

Top 10 Women Travel Bloggers I Follow
On this Women’s Day, I’d like to put some women travel bloggers in the SPOTLIGHT! These women deserve applause, accolades and attention for the ‘kind of work’ they are doing in the travel blogging world. I admire not just their spirit to travel, but the way they translate their adventures into lovely stories to inspire people.
Being a woman is wonderful and being a traveller is even better. Today, when there are so many women writing about their ‘lives on the road’ and making the world think from a new perspective, a tribute like this should come more often. This is the new age of womanhood – she’s born to travel and she’s born to inspire.
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So, here’s my list of 10 most inspiring women travel bloggers –      
Shivya Nath – The Shooting Star
I have been following The Shooting Star for a year now. I must admit that when I discovered Shivya’s blog, I was intimidated. I was in awe of her! I thought to myself if I would ever be able to do so well as a travel blogger. I find a kind of freshness on her blog. Whenever there’s an update on her blog, I have a gleam of happiness in my heart that something nice has come up and I have never been disappointed.   
Kate McCulley – Adventurous Kate
Adventurous Kate is a super sizzling travel blog. What I really like about her blog is that it’s so full of life. There is a variety of stuff to see – travel news, anecdotes, photos, contests and so much more. It’s worth spending time on her blog even when the internet is slow. Kate is definitely a star blogger!     
Pallavi – My Singapore Diary
Pallavi and I share a mutual admiration society. We both follow each other’s blog quite ardently. My Singapore Diary is a lovely blog that narrates tales from Pallavi’s expat life in Singapore. She brings up all kinds of flavoursome stories that evoke many different emotions.
Audrey Bergner – That Backpacker
I have been following That Backpacker for a while now and I really enjoy what I see on the blog. Audrey has a very neat style of presenting her stories and pictures that instantly connects you with the place that you are reading about.  
Candace – The Great Affair
Candace stands apart for her Great Affair! Apart from being a great travel blogger, she is also a fabulous sketch artist. She soaks her passion for travel into the beautiful hues of life. It’s incredible the way she paints her travel moments on the canvas. So, it’s a bonus to be on her blog.
Claire Robinson – ZigZag On Earth
Well, I have discovered ZigZag On Earth just recently and I find it really engaging. There is a certain deliciousness in the way Claire presents her travel stories and pictures. Whenever I am on her blog, I end up checking out multiple posts.    
Stephanie – The Travel Chica
I find The Travel Chica a very cool and off-the-cuff travel blog. Stephanie definitely has her own style that reflects in her travel stories. I like her photography tips, which are in no way snooty or far-fetched, but very practical and adaptable for a regular traveller also.  
Julie Tulba – Adventures Of The Red Headed Traveller
Adventures Of The Red Headed Traveller is updated so frequently that sometimes it’s hard to keep pace with it. But whenever I check it out, there is something nice to read and something pretty to look at. Julie brings out lovely restaurant reviews, city photo essays and lots of other interesting stuff.
Mridula – Travel Tales From India
Whenever I have read something on Travel Tales From India, it’s been interesting. Mridula narrates her travel stories in a very simple, yet a compelling fashion. Her travel pictures from India are so bang on – they bring out the Indian essence so well.
Monica – The Travel Hack
My first reason to follow The Travel Hack was the look and feel of it. I really like the way Monica has designed the posts on her blog. All her travel stories and pictures are so well defined and appealing. I look forward to reading more of her travel adventures.  
Well, that was a little ode to the women travel bloggers that I like. And as I wind up, I’d like to mention that I like ‘myself’ as well. I’d like to pat my back also along with these lovely ladies.

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