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For any of the services below, please write to me at renuca.s@gmail.com or drop a comment with your real identity.

Content Writing

I provide content related services such as feature writing, copy-writing, copy-editing and proofreading.

I have been a full-time writer for over 5 years. I have worked for both online and print media, and also a publishing industry. My writing experience ranges from feature writing for a magazine to writing content for websites and copy-writing for brochures, flyers and banners.

Travel Writing

I provide travel features to travel companies, magazines and publications.


I am available as a photographer also. Kindly have a look at my portfolio. If you like any of the photographs on my blog, please get in touch with me.

Travel Consultancy

I can help you plan your travel! I can provide you expert advice on destinations and hotels. I can help you build a right kind of itinerary for your trip, so that you can enjoy a destination to the most.

Product Review/Advertising

There can be various possibilities in terms of product reviews and advertising. Kindly get in touch with me for the same. I also write sponsored posts if I like the idea and the product/service.

Blog Trips

I promote destinations, hotels, resorts, restaurants and tours on sponsored blog trips, which includes blog posts and social media coverage. I am open to working or collaborating with tourism boards and travel companies.


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  • i am rajni from Himachal Pradesh. i also want to travel the world. will you please help me to start this journey.



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  • Hi,

    Hope you are doing great!

    I am Alishba, works for an online digital marketing agency Futuristic Artists
    I came across your site renuka-voyagerforlife.com and got impressed with the frequent updates on it
    Wondering if you accept sponsored blog posts on your blog?Kindly let me know price per post
    Also, let me know price per in-content text link placement on an existing blog post of your site


    • That’s a good question, Bhakti! Even I want to take a solo road trip. Safety depends on where are you taking the trip. You need to total;y avoid North India for any kind of solo trip.

  • Hello,
    I live in Amravati
    visit Sri Lanka and tell us through your blogs, i am planning to visit there, would love to know about it from you

  • We (3 friends) are going to Goa in first week of july (1-6 July).

    First of all, i want to know whether it’s a good time to go.

    Secondly, totally confused about – around which location should we book/get a hotel at? North? South? Anjuna? where?

    Please give some hotel(s) and location(s) recommendations.

    Btw i am a blogger too (tech 😛 ). Read all your posts on Goa and few others. Great stuff, keep traveling and keep sharing your experiences 🙂

    • Hi Jatin,

      July is a lovely time to be in Goa. You can stay in both North and South Goa (depending on the length of your trip). There are excellent properties everywhere in Goa. So choose according to your travel preferences. If you want to stay near the beach, you can stay at Riva Beach resort or geLeela Cotta. Both are in Morjim, North Goa. In South Goa, you can stay at Baywatch. If you want to stay at an offbeat property, please stay at https://www.renuka-voyagerforlife.com/2016/08/olaulim-a-secret-of-goa.html

      Hope you have a great trip!

  • I am from Haryana. I also want to travel the world. since I am from a hotel background like to meet different people to understand their culture and cuisine. I am a military brat so traveling is in my blood.


  • hi
    I read your travel blog of when you went to arunachal Pradesh and I was so impressed by it that I have decided to travel solo there . I just wanted to ask you what language should you speak there ? I mean can they understand English ?

  • Hi Renuka have gone through your blog. Well, it’s good to see that you have been on solo trips. Can you tell me if it’s worth visiting arunachal Pradesh in March. What would be the total cost of stay for 5 days?

    • Arunachal Pradesh is huge, and it requires a good research and planning, especially if you are traveling alone. If you are going for just 5 days then you need to be more precise about where you want to go and what you want to explore. Arunachal Pradesh has many beautiful and interesting places. You can go to Ziro Valley. I wouldn’t suggest you to spend too much time on commuting from one place to another. Considering the length of your trip, you should spend all your time in Ziro and maybe combine it with Itanagar. You can get good accommodation for around INR1000-2000, and a shared transport will cost you 700-800.

      • OK . Thnxs for the Input . Will wait for couple of months & In the Mean time will Try 2 save enough Money & after thorough Research will Decide on the same by October.

  • Hi renuka i am planning on going for a trip to himachal and i have a basic plan also. I am doing it solo and i am not sure whether i need to book through some sites or go there and do it myself. Can you please help

  • Hello Renuka,

    Many thanks for your interesting blog. I am also very interested in visiting in your Country and I am male – solo traveller. Do you have any advise for me too? I am planning in late November /December the North of India. Many thanks
    best wishes

  • Hello,
    Nice work. It’s difficult to visit your blog and remain unaffected—and leave in a hurry. But the thing which made me write this note is: I’m revising a travel website of mine, and to put stress on some text I’ve planned to utilize a few of your photos of small Himalayan cottages. If you permit me so and that too without assigning its source below the photos (as you know it helps its appeal)- I’ll be much glad. I await your response please.

  • Hi we are in the process of creating a travelers’ community. Currently we are responsible for creating travel narratives out of live interviews which we conduct on social media channels (preferably Twitter). If you do check out our page you will find the profile of the travelers who have been featured.
    We are soon to launch two segments, one would be ‘Trip Ideas’ where we create destination based content gleaned from travelers’ recommendations and contribution.
    The second segment would be ‘Raw Features’ where we post the Interviews with Travelers in their raw format. We haven’t yet interviewed anyone under this segment
    Given the fact that you are specialized in traveling around the Middle East, we would like to kick start the segment with your interview. We would really appreciate your contribution. Let us know if you are interested.
    Team Travlyng!

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